Friday, April 28, 2017

Aaj Mai Khush Hu, lo Tum hi bolo Mai hu Khush kyu

I am feeling just happy today and I don't even know the reason... I mean not any specific reason... I am feeling very relaxed... lighter... like a free bird... not actually free bird... don't know.. and I am just happy... I don't have the words for my feeling yaar... I was chatting the same with my colleague too.. I am actually hungry but I am feeling so good that I am not going to get up from my bed to even get some food or drink milk and he was like just think that you had your dinner and you will feel full. Seriously, I meet with all crazy people...Anyway, I just want to live this moment. I don't know actually the reason of this "feel good" feeling. May be because I will see my son tomorrow. He was not with me for this whole week.... or may be I am all set for vacation mood ...but no that may not be the reason because I have started missing everything already... You know that feeling when you just leave your special someone and just turn and you already start missing them...Same feeling for work may be...I actually stayed up late today at work finishing some tasks that I actually could have postponed....  or may be the fact that I was appreciated for something good at my workplace in a way that I actually wanted ... well not exactly the same way but dont know... or may be ...someone actually did care for me... oh... I don't know...

Okay, now will you please come down to earth from your dreamy land? First, whenever you feel such happy, you get so much pain later so no... and as per historical data... the happy feeling you are having today will be just reversed by the same people you are feeling happy because of. So, hold on. People never understand feelings.... so never show them to anyone.

Come on ... I am going for another life risking adventure tomorrow and you don't know future.. At least let me enjoy today...


Hey, I had never seen video for this song earlier.. though I used listen/sing it a lot. Jaicky Shroff is really good in few movies... I really liked him in that one with Kajol...


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