Thursday, March 16, 2017

When Life gives You Lemons..

I  was already late for home from office when got stuck in the traffic jam. It was the birth anniversary of a famous person and each signal and square had some events organized and political stalls and processions and so on...  Now, in such situations the true colors of a person is seen.... how person handles stressful situation... In my case, I did follow the quote,
" Jab Sadak pe Baarat saamne aa jaaye to horn marke pareshan na ho...
Gadi se utar ke thodasa nach lo, vaqt to utna hi lagna hai... mann bhi shant ho jaayega.."
Seriously, I was already in somewhat flirting mood and there were lovely songs being played with the procession, so I did dance on my bike. Yeah, I knew, I was late, I had to do lots of chores at home, I had already missed my shopping of few things that I needed to get home today and then this traffic. But that's fine. It was all out of my control so I just enjoyed it.

I have seen many people freak out when things happen which we can't control. But if we realize the fact that we can't do anything then we should be enjoying the situation. Some time back, I got a chance to go in a function. I was all well decked up and yes, was little bit talk of the party, we can say. And suddenly the malfunction of my footwear happened... My friend was worried and stressed out to hell. I asked her to stay calm and informed her that I would be fixing it. I had already observed a person nearby who could fix it. I took my footwear in my hands in style and went to get them fixed. It was hardly five minutes job. But my friend was so freaked out. She said, she won't be able to do this had she been alone. I told her, it doesn't matter to me because I don't consider anything wrong in it or I don't feel anything insulting in it. It's like natural and I know, I am not that all well dressed up girl only... I am the one who can carry her sandals in hand and walk bare foot. I have that confidence. Yes, Confidence is the key... and if anyone has any problem with my such character, better they are off to me. I don't need you fake people. I am real. Anyway, so my point is, whatever situation comes, we should make most of it... Like when life gives you lemons, make a lemonade out of it... wait, there's more to it. See this.... :)

Wait a second, why I am feeling that I had already posted blog on this topic... Well, anyway I am just posting my thoughts... and thoughts are mine... so they will be same.. whenever... wherever... so they might repeat...
Hey just now searched in the blog and this was something similar that I had wrote in the past. It was about the suicide... My coworker had committed suicide after an awesome Women's day celebration.. yes, it was that Dudh fatne se wo log ghabra jaate hai, jinhe Paneer banana nahi aata... and Dear Mother, I know, how to make Paneer... Yes Mummy, I am Strong... still strong... and now you all know that once again, how much strong I am...


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