Sunday, March 5, 2017

Goals of the month February 2017 - Tracking

Here is my month-end review for my goals for February month. For reference, here are the goals posted.

  • Weekend -- Alright so even though I didn't plan much leisure activities but weekends were, now I can say, successful. By the way, I got couple of job offers in my hand this month. So, I guess the sacrifice was worth it.  I did had upset time but I am glad I have understanding people around me. Thank You People... :) -- Status I will mark as Pass. -- 100%.

  • Extra Income --  This was good... number wise I was not at my all time peak but again it was more than average. Apart from my regular stuff, this month I found new unexpected opportunity. I got chance to do consulting for couple of clients. The very first was referred by a best friend. I myself didn't strike this until she called me with problem at her company. Her company wanted to consult someone for their problem. Now, since I am certified PMP as well her company didn't hesitate me to call for a meeting. And seriously, it was really very good experience. After this, I started to take this field - Consulting in Project Management - seriously. I am now reading case studies, researching and preparing myself professionally better for this. I actually knew an entrepreneur who did PMP and within a week had 2 offers for consulting. But this idea didn't strike for myself until this opportunity came knocking at my door. Now, I am going to shape up myself for this part-time business as well. -- Pass -- 100%

  • PDUs -- I am just jumping with joy for this. I had planned to earn 3 PDUs this (February) month and see how many I got. I got 9.5 PDUs in a month and that too not doing much. :) I am very happy. I have more than 1000 days to earn remaining 51.5 PDUs. But I am not waiting for last minute. I will just finish this as soon as possible. In fact this month (March), I will be getting more than 10 PDUs. I am doing a course for getting professionally better and it is also giving me free PDUs. So, will plan more in this month's goal. -- Status -- Pass with flying colors... 1000%.

  • Drinking 4.5 liters of Water daily -- Done -- 100%.

  • Drinking Milk Daily -- Eeeeeeee...... But Done... 100% and got my kid too start drinking in spite of Eeeeeee.....
  • Tax planning -- Well,  tried to do but was forced to postpone this due to circumstances. So will mark as 20%. --Failed.
  • Learning a new Salad -- Done. Here is a photo. -- 100%.

  • A never tried dish -- Cooked Mexican Rice. Here is a photo. -- 100%.

  • Limit eating outside -- Well, I tried to follow this but still had several days when I went out with myself... Off course, always the feeling was like... It's Okay.... At this moment, it's the, whenever I permitted myself, then only I went. So, I will give this 60%.

  • Walking 30 minutes -- Okay. I have installed few more applications recently for tracking my walking and am doing R & D for best of them. Done -- 90%.

  • Chanting 108 mantras for 20 days -- Done -- 90%.
  •  Plank -- Failed. I was.. I mean.. I purposely failed this. I was having different feeling for this goal in last month. I desperately felt like not doing it and you know, I don't force myself if I don't feel to do it. --40%.

  • Finance Planning -- Okay, done so-so in this. Still a purchase which was planned, is pending. -- 50%
  • Car Driving -- This was the only one total failure. I didn't practice my car driving at all. I only took it to nearby garage once. I am once again in that phase where I am needing someone to sit with me in car to motivate me and boost my confidence but my brother don't have time... and I can't ask anyone else... I think. - 1%

Okay, seems good to me. Gained much more things that I can't quantify. I will write about those in few.


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