Sunday, March 26, 2017

Due Deliveries in My Home

If you are long time reader of this blog, you may have known there is some relation between pigeons and me. My home (no matter wherever I live) is always feeding place for pigeons and then sometimes it becomes their maternity place as well.

These days there are two deliveries due at my home for two pigeon Mummys and I am trying to take good care of them.  I have also bought new bird feeder today since both pregnant (Is this correct word? They should not be technically pregnant. I don't know.) ladies are in two different windows and I had only one feeder earlier. Here are some snaps.


Sprouts Salad

It's not like I make Salads only on weekends.. It is my daily activity generally... It is one item of my daily TO-DO list. :) This one is from weekdays in last week.

It has proteins, vitamins, iron and lesser calories.... rather negative calories...

Soyabean Nuggets Sabzi

First of all, this is not today's dish. I had made this yesterday. I was actually not in the mood to cook for myself anything special. My kiddo was not well last couple of days .. convulsions again...  Since he got these convulsions when he was sleeping just like last time, I kept on eyes on him all the time he was sleeping for last couple of days and nights. Obviously, drained, sleep deprived and had no mood to cook or do any of chores. But then.. early morning, I had checked several times, my boy was normal, my eyes slept for few minutes and TaDa... I woke up with sweet, lovely and such a romantic dream. My day was just made. You know, it then just became "everything just feels and becomes alright kind of day"... Well, off course, my son was alright and I could smile and day-dream a little.
Cooked many items for son since he didn't had any taste on any food item and was not eating well. For me, there was no plan to cook but then everything was so dreamy that I just went ahead with something different with whatever I had. The only thing was soaked soya chunks for my breakfast that I hadn't cooked. I had read about Soya nuggets Curry recently so had this idea and added veggies, cooked to make it vegetable to be eaten with chapatti. It was so good that even my son liked it and ate few spoons at least.

This is something different and first time I tried, so even though this was not planned, I am going to cross off one item from monthly goals. I still *wish* to create some another item but frankly speaking, looking at situation and deadline, it doesn't seem possible.... I am not going to do it... in this month now... 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Thursday, March 16, 2017

When Life gives You Lemons..

I  was already late for home from office when got stuck in the traffic jam. It was the birth anniversary of a famous person and each signal and square had some events organized and political stalls and processions and so on...  Now, in such situations the true colors of a person is seen.... how person handles stressful situation... In my case, I did follow the quote,
" Jab Sadak pe Baarat saamne aa jaaye to horn marke pareshan na ho...
Gadi se utar ke thodasa nach lo, vaqt to utna hi lagna hai... mann bhi shant ho jaayega.."
Seriously, I was already in somewhat flirting mood and there were lovely songs being played with the procession, so I did dance on my bike. Yeah, I knew, I was late, I had to do lots of chores at home, I had already missed my shopping of few things that I needed to get home today and then this traffic. But that's fine. It was all out of my control so I just enjoyed it.

I have seen many people freak out when things happen which we can't control. But if we realize the fact that we can't do anything then we should be enjoying the situation. Some time back, I got a chance to go in a function. I was all well decked up and yes, was little bit talk of the party, we can say. And suddenly the malfunction of my footwear happened... My friend was worried and stressed out to hell. I asked her to stay calm and informed her that I would be fixing it. I had already observed a person nearby who could fix it. I took my footwear in my hands in style and went to get them fixed. It was hardly five minutes job. But my friend was so freaked out. She said, she won't be able to do this had she been alone. I told her, it doesn't matter to me because I don't consider anything wrong in it or I don't feel anything insulting in it. It's like natural and I know, I am not that all well dressed up girl only... I am the one who can carry her sandals in hand and walk bare foot. I have that confidence. Yes, Confidence is the key... and if anyone has any problem with my such character, better they are off to me. I don't need you fake people. I am real. Anyway, so my point is, whatever situation comes, we should make most of it... Like when life gives you lemons, make a lemonade out of it... wait, there's more to it. See this.... :)

Wait a second, why I am feeling that I had already posted blog on this topic... Well, anyway I am just posting my thoughts... and thoughts are mine... so they will be same.. whenever... wherever... so they might repeat...
Hey just now searched in the blog and this was something similar that I had wrote in the past. It was about the suicide... My coworker had committed suicide after an awesome Women's day celebration.. yes, it was that Dudh fatne se wo log ghabra jaate hai, jinhe Paneer banana nahi aata... and Dear Mother, I know, how to make Paneer... Yes Mummy, I am Strong... still strong... and now you all know that once again, how much strong I am...

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Happy Holi with Colorful Salad

It's Holi festival being celebrated in India. Holi - the festival of Colors... So many things I can write about the festival, but I don't have any words today.

Yeah, once again celebrating the festival lonely and hence have no desire to actually celebrate. My friend actually want me to go to some Holi celebrations event but I did not want to go. I don't want to go to a wavepool and dance in the artificial rain and celebrate Holi. Tried visiting salon for my hair spa. It did give me some relaxed time and lustrous locks but I did not find mental peace.

Had to fix this as soon as possible. Hence, took a deep breathe and thanked my life once again and started celebrating my way. I did kept dancing on a Holi special DJ made custom playlist and bingo. When nobody is watching then only we dance like anything. The step of pulling the sleeves of a boy's shirt worn can be done on song Kheltana rang Bai Holicha... Faatla na kona mazya cholicha was just ... When felt hungry after lots of dancing, made special food for me. You see cooking for alone becomes such a task if you are not in good mood but if you want to treat yourself, it gives results as this colorful Holi Salad.

I have used all the exotic veggies. Well, I personally didn't like dressing part of it since I wanted to try something different so that it would be more colorful.  But I was so hungry that I couldn't wait to make that "something different" thing and I okayed this for eating..... and then I did not eat it. I didn't feel like eating it. :( Anyway, I would cross off one item from my monthly goals with this salad making. I will *try* to make something different salad may be next weekend or so but at present I am marking this item as done.

Happy Holi All... May all your pains, sorrows, sadness will be burnt in the Holi fire and your life will be full of colors of Love, Health, Happiness, Joys, Care, Wealth. Dear God, please bless everyone with all the loving colors of life. Thank You God.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Sprouts Salad

Sprouts, Tomatoes, Green peas, Coriander and here it is...


Goals for the Month - March 2017

33% of the month has already passed and I had not yet posted my goals. But anyway, I had not posted them on the blog doesn't mean that I was not actually working. Here the list of my goals this month goes.

  • Shopping : This month, I am in somewhat shopping mood. I have list of things to buy at any given time. It's just I choose to buy whenever I get some good deal or I want to treat myself. These days I am in "Live the Life NOW, who knows what's going to happen tomorrow" mode. I prefer to spend on experiences rather than actual things but this month I want to actually buy products... I keep on adjusting with anything whatever available since I don't actually feel the need of materialistic things for myself but some things I am definitely going to buy this month. These days, these moments are not going to come back, then why should not I enjoy those with the comfort that I can get. So, my goal is buying the "things".  Off course I am not breaking my bank for these spending. I have several payments which I haven't yet cashed out. I will be using these. My biggest redemption will be $500 cash out and I am going to buy a cool refrigerator for me now. Seriously speaking, I still don't need it, but I just want to provide some comfort to my family so, will buy. Oh yes, one more big thing, that I actually won't buy this month but I have made up my mind to buy this month. I don't watch movies in theatres. I had planned to not to watch movies till I buy something with my saving. Well, later when my savings were enough to buy that "thing", I didn't had desire to go to watch movie with someone in theatre. So, I didn't buy it. But now... somehow I feeling that my heart will start wishing to go to movies in near future. So, I am going to start considering this purchase once again. I will be researching on this item and if I like  will finalize the actual product. I will buy few kitchen wares this month, then curtains as well. Basically, I want to make over my kitchen.

  • Cooking :
 I need to start concentrate on kids friendly cooking now. My kid understands food now and he actually demands the words whatever he hears. I want to create Mayonnaise at home for him this month.

  • Learning a new Salad -- I will try another new salad this month.

  • Learning new ice-cream -- I will be doing something healthy and summer special.

  • New dish -- Something new for the first time. It can be anything.

  • Weekends -- Since I am in "Live in the Moment" mode, I am definitely going to at least one concert/play/trip this month. I will definitely be going for my regular spa visit. Along with all this, I am again giving priority to my professional betterment as well.

  • Read Book - I have a new book Zoom with me. I will be reading it and put it's review.
    • Extra Income -- I am shopping for my clothes by all the extra income I get this month. I need good money, meaning more extra income needed.

    • Dance -- I have a wedding in my family in near future and being a very stylish girl (whenever I dress up) I am definitely asked to dance in the function. I have not yet decided on the number or anything but this is something that I will need to do seriously. I also need to choreograph my kid's dance as well. I will be preparing my dance this month.

    • PDUs-- I will be earning 10 PDUs this month. At the moment of typing, I actually aim for 6.

    • Drinking 5 liters of Water daily -- Blunder... My skin expert said I am drinking less water. Seriously? I thought 4 liters was enough. But she said my skin was becoming prone to blackheads because of less water consumption. (My brain realized, it was just her tactics to upsell higher end product). But anyway, I will take this clue to increase water consumption. I will be drinking 5 liters daily.

    • Drinking Milk Daily -- Continue with this.

    • Tax planning -- Last moment things.

    • Lunch/ Dinner Date : I will have 2 Lunch/dinner dates with myself.

    • Walking 30 minutes -- I want this to be done on ALL possible days and by possible means all days except the days I am feeling vulnerable and don't even wish to stand up.

    • Chanting 108 mantras for 20 days -- This is going okay these days so I think I will be able to achieve this easily.

    • Plank -- Plank Challenge for minimum 15 days. -- Okay, I am starting again with this. Let's try for 15 days.

    • Finance Planning -- Review finances and plan according to the situation and start and stop SIPs, buy/sell accordingly.
    • Car Driving -- I want to drive car to my workplace. And my workplace is not at all my area so I am not sure about car. So have to practice early morning and late nights on that road.
    I am going to decide on life's some important part this month so want to just be happy and not stress out much. I know, my heart may be trying to bias few things. I also believe that heart knows the best. So at moment, it's battle between heart and brain. Definitely to win anything in life, brain and heart need to be on same side.  Let's see if my heart convinces my brain successfully or will have to follow brain's order.


    Afsana likh rahi hu...

    You are listening to NoorJahan and Umadevi... that too middle of the day...? These are our 2 am songs...What's happening Dear? Wink wink....

    Monday, March 6, 2017

    Do I have to say?


    Sunday, March 5, 2017

    Goals of the month February 2017 - Tracking

    Here is my month-end review for my goals for February month. For reference, here are the goals posted.

    • Weekend -- Alright so even though I didn't plan much leisure activities but weekends were, now I can say, successful. By the way, I got couple of job offers in my hand this month. So, I guess the sacrifice was worth it.  I did had upset time but I am glad I have understanding people around me. Thank You People... :) -- Status I will mark as Pass. -- 100%.

    • Extra Income --  This was good... number wise I was not at my all time peak but again it was more than average. Apart from my regular stuff, this month I found new unexpected opportunity. I got chance to do consulting for couple of clients. The very first was referred by a best friend. I myself didn't strike this until she called me with problem at her company. Her company wanted to consult someone for their problem. Now, since I am certified PMP as well her company didn't hesitate me to call for a meeting. And seriously, it was really very good experience. After this, I started to take this field - Consulting in Project Management - seriously. I am now reading case studies, researching and preparing myself professionally better for this. I actually knew an entrepreneur who did PMP and within a week had 2 offers for consulting. But this idea didn't strike for myself until this opportunity came knocking at my door. Now, I am going to shape up myself for this part-time business as well. -- Pass -- 100%

    • PDUs -- I am just jumping with joy for this. I had planned to earn 3 PDUs this (February) month and see how many I got. I got 9.5 PDUs in a month and that too not doing much. :) I am very happy. I have more than 1000 days to earn remaining 51.5 PDUs. But I am not waiting for last minute. I will just finish this as soon as possible. In fact this month (March), I will be getting more than 10 PDUs. I am doing a course for getting professionally better and it is also giving me free PDUs. So, will plan more in this month's goal. -- Status -- Pass with flying colors... 1000%.

    • Drinking 4.5 liters of Water daily -- Done -- 100%.

    • Drinking Milk Daily -- Eeeeeeee...... But Done... 100% and got my kid too start drinking in spite of Eeeeeee.....
    • Tax planning -- Well,  tried to do but was forced to postpone this due to circumstances. So will mark as 20%. --Failed.
    • Learning a new Salad -- Done. Here is a photo. -- 100%.

    • A never tried dish -- Cooked Mexican Rice. Here is a photo. -- 100%.

    • Limit eating outside -- Well, I tried to follow this but still had several days when I went out with myself... Off course, always the feeling was like... It's Okay.... At this moment, it's the, whenever I permitted myself, then only I went. So, I will give this 60%.

    • Walking 30 minutes -- Okay. I have installed few more applications recently for tracking my walking and am doing R & D for best of them. Done -- 90%.

    • Chanting 108 mantras for 20 days -- Done -- 90%.
    •  Plank -- Failed. I was.. I mean.. I purposely failed this. I was having different feeling for this goal in last month. I desperately felt like not doing it and you know, I don't force myself if I don't feel to do it. --40%.

    • Finance Planning -- Okay, done so-so in this. Still a purchase which was planned, is pending. -- 50%
    • Car Driving -- This was the only one total failure. I didn't practice my car driving at all. I only took it to nearby garage once. I am once again in that phase where I am needing someone to sit with me in car to motivate me and boost my confidence but my brother don't have time... and I can't ask anyone else... I think. - 1%

    Okay, seems good to me. Gained much more things that I can't quantify. I will write about those in few.

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