Thursday, February 9, 2017

Valentines Week

Alright, so its the Valentine's week going on and each day becomes just "Oh God" with the surroundings for young singles. One of my coworkers who is a young single girl feels really bad with all this social pressure of being single. The radio station keep playing  lovey-dovey songs these days and when she or I am humming some romantic love song, her reaction is "I hate you... I hate myself... I am single and I have nobody.. Nobody will give me chocolates or flowers". I just smile and react her by saying, "don't worry, I love you baby... I am there for you". (Oh Girl... seriously? Are you telling this to me... about single and all....? Me? )  Well, doing this multiple "I hate you and  I love you"  sessions for whole day, by end of the day she lands up into dinner date with one of her friends and she happen to asks me for instant make-up tips. After she goes for date, I turn with a smile... missing my room mates... Whenever one girl from room would go on coffee date or lunch date, all other girls would feel excited and would do all the preparation for her... 'You wear this top girl, wear this bracelet, is this too revealing or better I will just go with my own style... simple and sweet and sober things... Anyway, I am sure... some late night, just like now I am missing them all, they would also be missing me... We talk over phone... But obviously, we are just talking about some important things in life... I talked with 2 of my room mates in this week only... But it was just "matured" kind of talk... Seriously, is being matured is just being boring? Life is meant to be enjoying parallel...I don't know... I am in that phase right now... where I am not "this"  and not "that" too... I am just in middle... If I would have been the earlier version of me, I would go out each evening with my room mates who would off course be alone and have no plans this week...Just to see other couples sitting on the famous roadside or riverside beaches to tease the couples or something naughty funny things like that...

Alright, so was propose day today... Oh God... See even my facebook feed is showing the Jannat song for propose day... Seriously? My younger brother had made me see this movie and this song like hundreds of times since he used to keep watching this movie daily (in his some phase... :)

I can sense something... I seriously need to plan my evenings in this week and whole weekend so that I should be super-duper busy.


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