Sunday, February 19, 2017

Mexican Rice

Cooking is not my Passion since I don't have much patience to wait for food to prepare completely for eating. But yes, when I do cook with all my heart, say for my loved one or I am in very good mood, I do cook good. And yes, good means GOOD... :)  Last few months, I was just not cooking good food but I think now my flavor is coming back again. 
So here it is, Sunday special... Mexican Rice... I did refer Sanjeev Kapoor's recipe.... with my own twist.. 

Improvements for next time - This could have been more red in color i.e. I could have used a red bell pepper and a tomato extra while preparing the Mexican red paste. This time I was not sure about the taste it will add to rice. Also, next time I could prepare vegetable stock in bulk so that I can use it for another dish as well. I used brown rice this time but I think I should try it with regular rice.
With this, I have just achieved one of my monthly goals since this is something that I made first time. One off the list.
 Just a thought, say a part of me is upset with myself and then another part of me cooked this with all love for myself, then I think I will melt by eating this delicious dish.


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