Friday, February 24, 2017

Keep Your Cool

I have subscribed to Merriam-Webster dictionary for learner's word of the day. I receive one English word/phrase daily afternoon with its meaning, the demonstrated use in some sentence. I have been receiving these emails for more than 9 years now and it helps certainly even though I don't remember consciously those words/phrases.
Anyway, so I was angry on something and I was just ... I don't know. But guess what, here is the word of the day I received.

keep your cool informal also chiefly US maintain your cool

: to remain calm

He kept/maintained his cool [=he didn't get angry or upset] even though it was clear that he was being unfairly treated.

Oh God... Seriously? This is how, God suggests me the correct path. Thank you God. I was wrong. But no, not completely...I also have my side. But okay, if you say so... I will keep my cool too.  


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