Sunday, February 12, 2017

First... failed attempt for Chocolate Mousse

Well, not failed completely... Because it did taste good.. rather very good... Just the presentation of it was not good... Well, I can give reasons like I didn't find the things I wanted to decorate with or I didn't have good mood at the time it was prepared n I was decorating it.  But anyway, everybody liked it... or at least they said so...

And I made this first trial from chocolates in my bag. I have many chocolates, and I am that strict mother who won't allow her boy to eat chocolate and hence, I too don't eat to be fair with him.. So anyone gives me chocolate goes in my bag. So, I have many more chocolates with me so I am definitely trying this again. It's very simple thing to do. I just need to search the things I WANT to decorate it MY WAY.



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