Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Aankhon ke Saagar..... Le Doobe Hame....

I was in mood of listening to somewhat classical so I actually searched for Khamaj's Mora Sainyaa. Now, I kept it on when I had to chat with someone where I needed to share my desktop.
Now, scene was I am listening to Fuzon songs and my song has finished and another started but I can't go back and repeat my song since someone else is trying to understand some application on my desktop.
(My colleagues actually laughed... it was such a big problem.. See the severity of problems in my life guys.... I wanted to change song but I couldn't and no one knew any short cut key as well.)  Anyway, but good thing was because of this situation, I actually moved on from Mora Sainya Mose  to this lovely one eventually....Aankho ke Sagar... Othonke saagar... Le doobe Hame

Oh My God... It's one of those songs..  which actually makes me feel to be singer... once again... I am definitely going to release my own album one day.... If no one else produces, I myself will finance it... and will be hit like the Sahara lady... Oh Baby... I think, you should go to sleep now.... You need to sleep.... You are dreaming already...


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