Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Goals

Happy New Year Everyone and now the first Sunday of New Year, perfect time to jot down the goals of this year. I will be writing them on high level at the moment. I will drill down them in my monthly goals. (In project management, this is called as Rolling Wave Planning :) )

I am putting my personal goals on top this year because now I realized that those are the goals which actually benefit in day-to-day life. Those are the goals which actually gives the smile on face.


·         Stay happy no matter what the situation is. :) 
  • Music: Well, I don't have the same mood of performing which I had earlier. But I would still want to record videos in my voice and upload.  6 throughout the year.
  •   Photography:  I will participate in 10 different photo competitions which is less than one each month. Seems doable. 
  •   I will do some free course about photography and photo editing this year. I need to learn new things. 
  • Hobby: I love to make best out of waste and I would like to make 12 art pieces at-least throughout the year. Exact on this in monthly goals.
  • I will be reading at least 17 books this year. I know, being a column writer of Book of the Week, this is very less number. But I am just trying to balance between priorities and hence small number. I will also review them somewhere. 


·         Alright, because of this examination preparation, my health has gone down again. While I was just sitting at home and preparing, firstly I have regained the tummy fat, second to get lesser breaks in that exam’s 4.5 hours, I stopped drinking 5 liters water habit, reading late night, changed eating timings etc etc so I suffered from dark circles, pimples too. I need to get rid off these exam side effects as soon as possible.
·         I am once again following My customized work out plan from today. Will write more in monthly goals.

·         Drink milk : Eeeeeeeeeeeee….. That’s how I do the drama in front of my near and dear ones… Anyway so this is second year when I have found that most of women’s bone density issue in my bones too. First time I thought it’s common because I was breast feeding but now at this time of health checkup, it’s been months I have left breast feeding my baby.  So where is the calcium? Drinking milk was good habit that I lost in my personal issues. I will have to again start with it.


I want to go in sea, in mountains, in jungle and in air, all four this year..… And this doesn’t have to mean expensive trips… It can be a weekend trip or even a day trip… For air… definitely a weekend trip…  I have found certain good groups which organize good adventurous trips. I am also planning all women’s trip… Well, have been watching that advertisement for Leh All Women’s trip for quite some time now… My heart secretly wish to go… but I know, this may not be possible at this time... so anyway…Let’s see how it goes. More adventurous things this year… And off course, I will write about all those too… 

I want my own long drives in my car this year and I also want to go on a long trip in my car this year where I myself will be driving. This can be my hometown visit. 

  • I want to go to a level this year professionally. For this, the most important thing I need is confidence. I know my strengths and weaknesses. I want to do the things that I enjoy and not the things that I can do. I know what I enjoy. I will be planning various things for this including job interviews, training, seminars, webinars and certifications etc. for this. 
  • ·         I also want to work for myself for longer this year… I want to invest in myself to get better yields… As I drill down further on my goals in my monthly goals, I will plan for appropriate actions on this
    ·          I want to publish my course/tutorial/webinar. More on this later.


Alright, so this demonetization thing made me review all my investments and I realized I need to do better tax planning now. That is number one priority financially

Tax Planning -  I do advise people and plan their taxes but I give little time to myself for tax planning (may be because I don't pay myself ;) ). This year, I need to organize all my paper work neatly for my own tax planning. And yes, that pro-longed NPS, I would like to make final decision on it this year at least.

Make Passive Income - I want to make the flow of passive income so big that I won’t be dependent on my job for any money this year. Big goal, but need to achieve.
Make extra income – I want to reach a level where I will be able to do all my shopping with extra income this year. 

Retirement Fund : Will start a SIP for addition in retirement fund.

Kid's education Fund : This is going very low. I would like to save aggressively in this. I will do a SIP for this.

Insurance Cover - I will be increasing my insurance cover this year. 

Opportunity Fund - I am setting an amount in my opportunity fund and I wish to increase it by  at least 50% by the end of this year. 

Education Fund - This is my own education fund. Here again I have set an amount and I wish to get some monetary returns out of it this year.


  • For this blog - I have started writing here again and I need to increase the page views. I want my page rank, I want my numbers back and I know, I can do that soon. 
My technical blog is also not much active. But I have lots of topics to write in drafts. I just need time and mood to write. My goal will be posting all my topics in drafts.
  • About others I will have to think. 


·         Daily chanting a mala of God's name. I have been doing this on and off for years now. I want to continue it forever.

·         I do Darshan at atleast two temples daily. By God's grace, it is possible for me now, to get my kid into my Sanskars, I take him for Pooja in temples on weekends. The addition I would like to do is continue with these things and do the special meditation once a week. I am not able to do this whole year. It is really helpful for focusing and getting clarity.

·         We have many pilgrim places and by my bad luck I had not been able to visit them much. I would like to visit one big place in this year. There are people who do it actually 100 times and I haven't even visited it once. 

·         I am doing graduation in my religion. I am doing it so that I know it deeper. I don't trust anything or anyone just like that. Anyway, so I had to drop out my examination last year due to my office priorities. Hence, I am repeating my last year's course this year too. The only issue I feel is writing practice. I do write daily my diary so I do write. But my graduation language is my mother tongue which I don't write anywhere, so that's problem. I take longer to write the paper. Goal is to complete it successfully. Off course, this is my low priority goal.


I don’t react generally even when something is bad said to me. But when I do, I am just harsh and rude and too rude.. Sometimes, my words hurt my near and dear ones. I off course realize that I shouldn’t have speak like this but then it’s too late then. So, I want to stop using harsh words while angry.  I am not saying I should not react, off course, I should ask one to behave or be in limit. But that can be done nicely too. Okay there is again one more thing that I need to work on. I need to express myself more often. But seriously I don’t think at this moment, I am in mood to express myself. Better keep things to my self. Or may be middle of the year, I will be able to achieve this. I don’t know. I will just keep this goal here. Let’s see how it goes. 


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