Saturday, January 28, 2017

Soya Chunks Salad

I had different plan this morning for soya nuggets but then you know change of mood. Quickly asked a food blogger friend if he can help with some healthy soya chunks recipe and I did not like his options. So I just created salad with whatever was available with me and it turned out really good. It was heavy so I was already full after having it. Good yaar... it would be nice if I do such things frequently... :)

Ohh, I just achieved one goal of this month.. :)

Nothing gonna change my love for you...

Sometimes the radio just creates the playlist according the things going in the mind...  :)

Okay... it's actually the mood depicted...

Oh God... Are you serious... who is sitting on this radio station?


Alright..., let's get back to real world now...

And while all of the above were in sequence, this one was not in line with those.. It came after a while... But it was something that heart was already singing...

There is no logic of title and the post and my brain seriously don't know why my fingers want this title for this post... I am not even listening or singing this for last few years. I know, God has taken care of me already...

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Haal-e-Dil Tuzko Sunata...

The whole album is awesome... May be Dil sambhal ja jara... or this one.. Haal-e-Dil...... Yes, the videos may not be appropriate for all the time... But music... lyrics... (I did search for good videos of this song that I can post here but couldn't find original song with video that I will like.. so posting the original one from movie... ).

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Silent Songs in the night

Testing the sound quality of my new machine....

Do I have to say anything... besides it's Jagjitji and that too on Koi Fariyaad...

Oh silent songs in the night... with and without headphones... the volume is good...

Oh God... why Youtube is suggesting me my All these songs are fortunate enough to be in my mobile once upon time..

Ahh... one is still missing... couldn't find it... Was it Alisha? Will search more for it... 

Maari hui night and Project Management Professional

Alright, it's 3.15 am in the clock and I have my alarm clock set up for 4 am and I am still not able to sleep. Alright, so seems I will be awake whole night, once again.. Oh God.. it's weekday and have to go and work actually... But just can't sleep. So, here I am... just to catch up with my posts in drafts... Oh God..Can't believe it... I just switched on the radio and its the song.. Love hua... ab ye na pucho ye kab hua... Oh seriously? Yeah, definitely... I love myself... whoever I am for.. Anyway, so I am going to post my that post which I wanted to post in happy mood... About my certification examination... Anyway, I am spending whole night awake so that's perfect time to post about it...

Alright, so before year ended I reached my goal of certification... PMP... I had done it... Well, now I don't understand where to start it for. But it was 2 months time of preparation and guess what, I did well, rather pretty well...Okay, so here are some excerpts from my diary of those days... and you can realize how high and low I was feeling while preparing..

Again ----- test was not good… it was 71% only… The first one was 86% and now this…. and now I am again depressed… but this time not like yesterday or day before… This is absolutely not done... With examination next week now, I have to get at least 85+% in all the tests...  This time I am like…. Okay… so seems I am going to fail... but its okay… lets face whatever happens… For a micro second I had idea to postpone the exam but then I only shrugged it off that thought… I don’t want to postpone it now… Let it happen whatever it has to be… its kind of already late and now its getting bored… so let’s go… face it… what will happen max… I will fail…Will loose confidence and then huge amount of money will be wasted.. but that’s okay…it's not first time we are playing with money...  I am gonna try my best… let God decide whatever best for me…

I am also feeling that shall I buy ---- tests since they provide 100% passing guarantee… but then I am feeling ki no… if I don’t believe myself, how can I believe others and their passing guarantee… n no point in doing that.. I don’t just want to pass exam…. I want better me…better myself... because of this reason… this certification...

All the best yaar… will do it... Let’s focus on questions  which I got wrong…
Me 1 : you know what... you will come with flying colors....
Me 2: do you think so???
Me 3: I know so...

Me 1 : Okay, see we will celebrate… no matter what results come out… If we fail… will celebrate at a royal place and have lunch with I, Me and Myself…

But in case we pass, you can take all your near and dear ones or whomsoever you want to for celebration….

Now you choose, whom you wish to celebrate with? Wink ;)

Celebration Lunch??? whomsoever I want.... Hmmm...


When my application was accepted and I was ready for examination, I didn't get the dates for examination that I wanted to schedule. So, again had to go for plan B. But then I made sure that the day I scheduled my examination, until the two days before examination, I actually appeared for mock tests. The real examination is for total 4+0.30 hours. So I actually solved 4 hours test daily for 3 weeks and if possible in the same time the exam was scheduled for. This prepared my brain in that mode already. Because of this on the actual D-Day, it was just daily routine for me and I ACTUALLY felt the real examination was simple. I read PMBOK 4 times.... last time was just 2 days before actual examination. 
Those 4 and half hours… only thing matters is those 4 and half hours… I did change my eating, sleeping and many life style habits to perform well in those 4 and half hours… I changed my lunch and snacks time so to avoid feeling hungry in examination time, I reduced my water drinking so that I would need lesser breaks in the exam, I stopped listening music...Well, I played it only in bathroom and on actual exam day when I reached the city of examination center.... and yes those songs already gave me hint of my examination result... Okay more about that in a minute... So the first song I heard on exam day in exam city was " You are breaking my heart, if you leave me now"... Okay, seriously? Its all or nothing... Then there was Muzko hui na khabar... followed by Dil hai Chotasa.... chotisi aasha... But the song which gave my heart hint was... Tada... Kitni Der Tak...
Oh. My. God.. 
One day before actual examination, I heard this song on radio early morning may be the same time... 3.44 am now.. Kitni Der Tak was the song in my mobile and was on my playlist for months.. and then it just vanished.. and then today... Well, at that time, I felt nothing about the song.. But when I was in my examination city, all radio stations were different and this was definitely different which played this song there too... Kitni Der Tak.. what? Kitni Der Tak... Kitni Der Tak...Aaj Shaam ya Savere Tak... yes definitely.... aaj sham tak.... Well, then there was just task of examination... 

Security was really very good at the examination center... They had not allowed even handkerchiefs or water bottles and each time we used to take break, full security checkup was to follow wasting those precious moments. Well, I took a break, freshen up, ate banana, apple and pear.. (I had given all the practice test while eating in breaks). My examination was pre-poned by an hour. Actually, there was still time for examination and I reached early and staff asked me, if I was ready, I could start examination and I agreed. My actual examination first pass was completed in 2 hours some 11 minutes. Later I went to marked for review questions and after review when I finished all the questions, there were 7 minutes remaining for exam time to end. I was calm and relaxed until this time. But now, when there were just 7 minutes left, I was under pressure. I was like, just within few minutes, I will know the result... and I am not sure, if I am ready for it.... I actually couldn't gather courage to click on the End Exam button. I did go through the questions again... still there were 2 minutes left... Those last two minutes... I stared at screen timer praying.... Then there was message, "Your time is over... submitting examination.... ". I did hold my breath....and there it was....

Congratulations on passing your PMP examination....You are now project management professional. and so on... 

Congratulations...!!!!???? I did not understand what do I do... I actually checked the word was Congratulations... Does that mean I pass the exam? Oh God yes... really? Oh God... what do I do? where is phone? I will take a photo of this... But off course, phones were locked outside in the locker... I thought to take screenshot or something... but then I smiled at myself... Obviously, I would be getting result... Thing is that just I was not sure, how do I capture that moment... I just heaved a sigh of relief then... Thank You God... You know what.... Okay... You knew everything already...

Well, the trip was again fun... I had only those fruits in the break of the examination and now when result were out, I was tremendously hungry but had to arrange for return journey. That too was filmy scene. We couple of people actually followed a bus that we missed in a taxi and I was like... "Bhaiyaa jaldi chalo... wo dekho bus udhar ja rahi hai... Bhaiyaa right right right... Bhaiyaa fast...wo gai dekho aage...  Bhaiyaa jaldi... please... "  Obviously, my son was waiting for me at home... :) 
A colleague friend actually called me before examination to wish good luck and while I texted him the result, I also asked him if I would be able to see the sea... :) I wanted to see the Arabian sea celebrate this moment...  But alas... that was not on my route... (I sometimes ask for any weird and strange thing to my friends. ).

Alright, so that certificate did add a value in my resume, the most important thing it gave me was confidence... and the experience... the things that I am always looking for and need...  When I went to the mandatory training for this certification, I actually realized that yes, this was it... that I am looking for.. this is something that I am good at... When I was with bunch of people from all types of industries in that training with all age-group and I was among the few best... I am still alive... I am this one... confident... the way I carry myself among the crowd, the way I make my image, and the way the way I manage everything... Yes, that was my career path that I had decided... right... I did MBA because of this only... because I am good in this... My mentor knew this...and everything was going on right track and then everything was gone... Yes, this was lost I am not going to loose it.... Wherever... whenever... we are meant to be together...  Thank You God... for everything...

Well, my alarm has already gone off, its past 4 am and now I have to get up. and do the household chores.. ..... cook, clean... wash...feed son, getting him ready... if time permits, little bit take care of me..;) God... I actually have to work hard today at workplace... need to finish something and I had not slept at all...Okay... signing off now.. Okay, let me just listen the song on radio.. will end this sweet post with that... (You know what... years down the line, when I will read this blog post again for a sweet memory of my exam, I will have a sweet smile on my face.)

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Goals for the Month - January 2017

Here are my goals of this month. 

I want to plan all my weekends so that I make most of them. I don’t want to waste them by being upset. So will start with those things first. 

A lunch/dinner date with myself – This month I will be going for a lunch/dinner with myself.

Learning a new Salad – I want to try a new salad this month. I will be posting it’s photo here as well.

A play/live in concert – Whatever is available of my taste, will go for it.

A spa – Spas are long time due.  Even my regular hair spa was not done last month because of being busy in examination preparation.

Going on a trip – I will be going on one trip at least this month. It can be either religious place or may be adventurous thing.

Drinking Milk Daily – 2 cups at least.  My boy is not drinking milk these days so the milk in my home is just getting wasted. I have to have to incorporate this habit in me along with my baby.

Walk for 30 minutes daily – I should walk for at least 30 minutes daily and yes on WEEKENDS too. At workplace, I usually take a walk but on weekends I just go everywhere using my vehicles. So, this needs special attention on weekends.

Drinking 4.5 liters daily – Drinking 4.5 liters daily. Well, I can do this easily, I am back to this again after gap.

Tax planning –  Being January, needless to say, I will be doing this so just wanted to make a check it is here in January goals.

Diamond shopping – I haven’t gifted anything in jewelry on my last birthday. My father suggested me to buy a gold ring.  But you see I am not in very much mood of gold shopping now But I want to buy all the white metals and white stones now. So, my goal this month is finalizing on the piece and making actual purchase this month.

Read a book – I will be reading a book and writing it’s review.

Get my money back – Last month’s education fund that I had utilized, I would like to earn that money back this month by earning extra. I would not stretch myself so I will give myself couple of months to earn that money.  January will be the first month. Let’s see how much I earn back. 

Record a video - Just before some time I was in very happy mood and was actually audible.  I should record such moods. Next weekend, may be... :)

Start a SIP  - I will be starting one SIP this month.  I will be posting the details after analysis. 

Chanting 108 mantras for 20 days.  - At the time of writing this post, the 7th day of month I had already done this for 4 days in this month. I want to make this my daily habit eventually. 

Plank - Continue with 30-days plank challenge.

(Just now saw preview of the post and I felt I am just putting my daily TODO list here. Will take a break now and will come back for more.) 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Goals

Happy New Year Everyone and now the first Sunday of New Year, perfect time to jot down the goals of this year. I will be writing them on high level at the moment. I will drill down them in my monthly goals. (In project management, this is called as Rolling Wave Planning :) )

I am putting my personal goals on top this year because now I realized that those are the goals which actually benefit in day-to-day life. Those are the goals which actually gives the smile on face.


·         Stay happy no matter what the situation is. :) 
  • Music: Well, I don't have the same mood of performing which I had earlier. But I would still want to record videos in my voice and upload.  6 throughout the year.
  •   Photography:  I will participate in 10 different photo competitions which is less than one each month. Seems doable. 
  •   I will do some free course about photography and photo editing this year. I need to learn new things. 
  • Hobby: I love to make best out of waste and I would like to make 12 art pieces at-least throughout the year. Exact on this in monthly goals.
  • I will be reading at least 17 books this year. I know, being a column writer of Book of the Week, this is very less number. But I am just trying to balance between priorities and hence small number. I will also review them somewhere. 


·         Alright, because of this examination preparation, my health has gone down again. While I was just sitting at home and preparing, firstly I have regained the tummy fat, second to get lesser breaks in that exam’s 4.5 hours, I stopped drinking 5 liters water habit, reading late night, changed eating timings etc etc so I suffered from dark circles, pimples too. I need to get rid off these exam side effects as soon as possible.
·         I am once again following My customized work out plan from today. Will write more in monthly goals.

·         Drink milk : Eeeeeeeeeeeee….. That’s how I do the drama in front of my near and dear ones… Anyway so this is second year when I have found that most of women’s bone density issue in my bones too. First time I thought it’s common because I was breast feeding but now at this time of health checkup, it’s been months I have left breast feeding my baby.  So where is the calcium? Drinking milk was good habit that I lost in my personal issues. I will have to again start with it.


I want to go in sea, in mountains, in jungle and in air, all four this year..… And this doesn’t have to mean expensive trips… It can be a weekend trip or even a day trip… For air… definitely a weekend trip…  I have found certain good groups which organize good adventurous trips. I am also planning all women’s trip… Well, have been watching that advertisement for Leh All Women’s trip for quite some time now… My heart secretly wish to go… but I know, this may not be possible at this time... so anyway…Let’s see how it goes. More adventurous things this year… And off course, I will write about all those too… 

I want my own long drives in my car this year and I also want to go on a long trip in my car this year where I myself will be driving. This can be my hometown visit. 

  • I want to go to a level this year professionally. For this, the most important thing I need is confidence. I know my strengths and weaknesses. I want to do the things that I enjoy and not the things that I can do. I know what I enjoy. I will be planning various things for this including job interviews, training, seminars, webinars and certifications etc. for this. 
  • ·         I also want to work for myself for longer this year… I want to invest in myself to get better yields… As I drill down further on my goals in my monthly goals, I will plan for appropriate actions on this
    ·          I want to publish my course/tutorial/webinar. More on this later.


Alright, so this demonetization thing made me review all my investments and I realized I need to do better tax planning now. That is number one priority financially

Tax Planning -  I do advise people and plan their taxes but I give little time to myself for tax planning (may be because I don't pay myself ;) ). This year, I need to organize all my paper work neatly for my own tax planning. And yes, that pro-longed NPS, I would like to make final decision on it this year at least.

Make Passive Income - I want to make the flow of passive income so big that I won’t be dependent on my job for any money this year. Big goal, but need to achieve.
Make extra income – I want to reach a level where I will be able to do all my shopping with extra income this year. 

Retirement Fund : Will start a SIP for addition in retirement fund.

Kid's education Fund : This is going very low. I would like to save aggressively in this. I will do a SIP for this.

Insurance Cover - I will be increasing my insurance cover this year. 

Opportunity Fund - I am setting an amount in my opportunity fund and I wish to increase it by  at least 50% by the end of this year. 

Education Fund - This is my own education fund. Here again I have set an amount and I wish to get some monetary returns out of it this year.


  • For this blog - I have started writing here again and I need to increase the page views. I want my page rank, I want my numbers back and I know, I can do that soon. 
My technical blog is also not much active. But I have lots of topics to write in drafts. I just need time and mood to write. My goal will be posting all my topics in drafts.
  • About others I will have to think. 


·         Daily chanting a mala of God's name. I have been doing this on and off for years now. I want to continue it forever.

·         I do Darshan at atleast two temples daily. By God's grace, it is possible for me now, to get my kid into my Sanskars, I take him for Pooja in temples on weekends. The addition I would like to do is continue with these things and do the special meditation once a week. I am not able to do this whole year. It is really helpful for focusing and getting clarity.

·         We have many pilgrim places and by my bad luck I had not been able to visit them much. I would like to visit one big place in this year. There are people who do it actually 100 times and I haven't even visited it once. 

·         I am doing graduation in my religion. I am doing it so that I know it deeper. I don't trust anything or anyone just like that. Anyway, so I had to drop out my examination last year due to my office priorities. Hence, I am repeating my last year's course this year too. The only issue I feel is writing practice. I do write daily my diary so I do write. But my graduation language is my mother tongue which I don't write anywhere, so that's problem. I take longer to write the paper. Goal is to complete it successfully. Off course, this is my low priority goal.


I don’t react generally even when something is bad said to me. But when I do, I am just harsh and rude and too rude.. Sometimes, my words hurt my near and dear ones. I off course realize that I shouldn’t have speak like this but then it’s too late then. So, I want to stop using harsh words while angry.  I am not saying I should not react, off course, I should ask one to behave or be in limit. But that can be done nicely too. Okay there is again one more thing that I need to work on. I need to express myself more often. But seriously I don’t think at this moment, I am in mood to express myself. Better keep things to my self. Or may be middle of the year, I will be able to achieve this. I don’t know. I will just keep this goal here. Let’s see how it goes. 

My Heart is Beating.... Keeps on Repeating...

A very good start to my new year... I had a very romantic dream... Well not actually romantic... But it may be something I needed at the moment.
Generally, we don't pay attention to heart and it's feeling if we are hurt already and we are more cautious about everything.  You know, a burnt child dreads the fire sort of thing. So, I think everything was okay but last couple of days I was feeling like I am behaving like a teenager. I felt that there is no desired response from the person I wish and everything may be my just misunderstanding. You know that confusion of rose petals, He loves me, He loves me not, He loves me, He loves me not.  I don't wanna get hurt again. I already had that wall built around heart to prevent itself from all this. Brain do not allow my heart anything easily. But when brain feels that I am only being stupid, it definitely saves me. 
Anyway, so the morning of this new year had a dream and God has given hint that okay...It's fine.
I know, the logic that it's my dream and I only will see what I wish for. But you see my dreams actually depict future. This has been proven through years... 
I trust God and I am sure, I will getting some more hints soon.


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