Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Goals - Year End Review

While searching for my 2017 goals post, I did read my old blog posts and as I had written in one of the posts,  "years down the line, when I will read this blog post again, I will have a sweet smile on my face".. and yes, seriously it made me smile... I am super duper busy today. Back from vacation, want to gear up for next week, next year and here I am tired from overnight journey and still chores and weekend shoppings to do. Since I was feeling lethargic, I took by blog to write the post and reading older posts just recharged me. Anyway, so here is my list of 2017 goals. And below is the status.


I had given highest importance to my personal goals this year. And it was kind of 50-50 personally.

·         Stay happy no matter what the situation is. :)  -- Perfect. This went so well that I was smiling and laughing even when eyes were full of tears. I was even called heartless in some situations, just because I was trying to be happy no matter what the situation was. 100/100. 100% Done. 
  • Music: Well, I don't have the same mood of performing which I had earlier. But I would still want to record videos in my voice and upload.  6 throughout the year. -- I did record music and did couple of videos as well but I uploaded only one of them on youtube. 6 songs recording in my voice done, uploading only one done.- 60% In Progress.
  •   Photography:  I will participate in 10 different photo competitions which is less than one each month. Seems doable.  -- Sorry... Only 2 photo competitions I entered in. 20% Fail
  •   I will do some free course about photography and photo editing this year. I need to learn new things.  -- Done in the early year itself... though later part of year my focus was shifted from this. 95% Done but later gone. 

  • Hobby: I love to make best out of waste and I would like to make 12 art pieces at-least throughout the year. Exact on this in monthly goals. -- Well... only couple of them were done.. I had then planned this to finish in my last week's vacation but then I was not motivated enough to complete this. 20% Fail

  • I will be reading at least 17 books this year. I know, being a column writer of Book of the Week, this is very less number. But I am just trying to balance between priorities and hence small number. I will also review them somewhere. -- I am back on this. I read 50 books this year and once again I am officially published book reviewer. I have my own website now where I publish book reviews for the books I read and I also do book reviews for others on several other websites. 500% Done. 

Once again at the time of publishing review, my health and healthy lifestyle has gone to toss because of several reasons and I will have to make this thing priority next year. 
·         Drink milk : Eeeeeeeeeeeee….. That’s how I do the drama in front of my near and dear ones… Anyway so this is second year when I have found that most of women’s bone density issue in my bones too. First time I thought it’s common because I was breast feeding but now at this time of health checkup, it’s been months I have left breast feeding my baby.  So where is the calcium? Drinking milk was good habit that I lost in my personal issues. I will have to again start with it. -- This was on and off through out the year. However at the time of writing review, this is again nowhere in routine. I am not drinking milk at all. I will give this only 40% for whole year. 40% Fail. 


I want to go in sea, in mountains, in jungle and in air, all four this year..… And this doesn’t have to mean expensive trips… It can be a weekend trip or even a day trip… For air… definitely a weekend trip…  I have found certain good groups which organize good adventurous trips. I am also planning all women’s trip… Well, have been watching that advertisement for Leh All Women’s trip for quite some time now… My heart secretly wish to go… but I know, this may not be possible at this time... so anyway…Let’s see how it goes. More adventurous things this year… And off course, I will write about all those too… 

I want my own long drives in my car this year and I also want to go on a long trip in my car this year where I myself will be driving. This can be my hometown visit. 

-- Travel was considerably good... comparatively better than last year.  Road trips still not up to mark.. and that Leh trip is again pending... I was fortunate enough to got the opportunities where I didn't have to make adjustments to my 9-5 jobs because of my travel. Along with day-trips, I also did few "just few hours trips" on weekends. Well writing about all these travel journey was not done upto that level.. rather not at all officially done. Only I logged them in my daily journal. I have to write about travel. Will give 60% In Progress. 

  • I want to go to a level this year professionally. For this, the most important thing I need is confidence. I know my strengths and weaknesses. I want to do the things that I enjoy and not the things that I can do. I know what I enjoy. I will be planning various things for this including job interviews, training, seminars, webinars and certifications etc. for this. -- By grace of God, I can say I am at a level professionally today. I am at a good position, doing the things I love, lots of things to learn and lots of opportunities to grow. I am among younger people's list on that position.  I attended several training sessions, job-interviews, seminars, webinars and did 4 certifications this year. One of the certifications I had blogged here. I will definitely need to increase my education fund next year since this certification stuff is getting costlier now year by year. 150% Done

  • ·         I also want to work for myself for longer this year… I want to invest in myself to get better yields… As I drill down further on my goals in my monthly goals, I will plan for appropriate actions on this…-- Okay.. Not as I had expected to be but yes,still doing this. 50% In Progress. 
    ·          I want to publish my course/tutorial/webinar. More on this later. -- I had few ideas but this never happened in this year. Next year, hopefully I can makeup for this by doing double the things. Let's see. -- 0% Fail.


Sadly, this is something where I am not organized last few months in this year. Finances are just scattered, lying down without any proper plan. 

Tax Planning -  I do advise people and plan their taxes but I give little time to myself for tax planning (may be because I don't pay myself ;) ). This year, I need to organize all my paper work neatly for my own tax planning. And yes, that pro-longed NPS, I would like to make final decision on it this year at least. -- I think I did better paper work this year than last year but still not as per my desired level. And yes NPS still not done.  50% In Progress. 

Make Passive Income - I want to make the flow of passive income so big that I won’t be dependent on my job for any money this year. Big goal, but need to achieve. -- Don't know which book it was but it was building a pipeline concept, so anyway, not much of passive income but yes, did invested in few financial instruments which give income on regular intervals. I actually reduced investing in such instruments now since I have again shifted my investing strategy from conservative to aggressive mode. -- 40% In Progress.
Make extra income – I want to reach a level where I will be able to do all my shopping with extra income this year. -- Pretty much Done 70%. 

Retirement Fund : Will start a SIP for addition in retirement fund. -- Sorry... No addition in retirement funds family. 0% Failed completely

Kid's education Fund : This is going very low. I would like to save aggressively in this. I will do a SIP for this. -- I used conservative options to save for this fund this year. But I wanted to go with aggressive options. Next year. 50% In Progress. 

Insurance Cover - I will be increasing my insurance cover this year. -- Done but still 80% since no proper paperwork is ready for dependents in worst case scenario. 

Opportunity Fund - I am setting an amount in my opportunity fund and I wish to increase it by  at least 50% by the end of this year.  -- Done 100%

Education Fund - This is my own education fund. Here again I have set an amount and I wish to get some monetary returns out of it this year. -- As already mentioned above, since I am doing several certifications now (not limited to 1-2 per year as I used to do in the past) and I also have several memberships which need renewal each year... (Man, PMI membership alone costs 140$ and I have several others too which need renewal each year), this needs boost next year significantly. This year, I exhausted my education fund and then dipped into my savings account. -- 80% Done.


  • For this blog - I have started writing here again and I need to increase the page views. I want my page rank, I want my numbers back and I know, I can do that soon. -- Seriously speaking, I did try to blog regularly but I didn't make it my focus. So I haven't given my 100% to this goal. 40% In Progress
My technical blog is also not much active. But I have lots of topics to write in drafts. I just need time and mood to write. My goal will be posting all my topics in drafts. --  My technical blog came in some legal trouble this year and hence not much progress on that blog.  0% Failed. 
  • About others I will have to think.  -- Started with Book Review website, SEO, page views, page ranks and all other things are in progress now. 50% In Progress.


·         Daily chanting a mala of God's name. I have been doing this on and off for years now. I want to continue it forever. -- This went on and off this year. Well as of now, it is on but there is problem with this that this is regular only on weekdays. I seriously have to make changes in my weekend lifestyle. -- 60% In Progress. 

·         I do Darshan at atleast two temples daily. By God's grace, it is possible for me now, to get my kid into my Sanskars, I take him for Pooja in temples on weekends. The addition I would like to do is continue with these things and do the special meditation once a week. I am not able to do this whole year. It is really helpful for focusing and getting clarity. -- Darshan -- Done 100%, Pooja on weekends -- 70% Done, Special meditation once a week -- 0% Not Done

·         We have many pilgrim places and by my bad luck I had not been able to visit them much. I would like to visit one big place in this year. There are people who do it actually 100 times and I haven't even visited it once. -- 0% Not Done. 

·         I am doing graduation in my religion. I am doing it so that I know it deeper. I don't trust anything or anyone just like that. Anyway, so I had to drop out my examination last year due to my office priorities. Hence, I am repeating my last year's course this year too. The only issue I feel is writing practice. I do write daily my diary so I do write. But my graduation language is my mother tongue which I don't write anywhere, so that's problem. I take longer to write the paper. Goal is to complete it successfully. Off course,  this is my low priority goal. -- 0% Not done. Gave it up. Not doing it this year. 


I don’t react generally even when something is bad said to me. But when I do, I am just harsh and rude and too rude.. Sometimes, my words hurt my near and dear ones. I off course realize that I shouldn’t have speak like this but then it’s too late then. So, I want to stop using harsh words while angry.  I am not saying I should not react, off course, I should ask one to behave or be in limit. But that can be done nicely too. Okay there is again one more thing that I need to work on. I need to express myself more often. But seriously I don’t think at this moment, I am in mood to express myself. Better keep things to my self. Or may be middle of the year, I will be able to achieve this. I don’t know. I will just keep this goal here. Let’s see how it goes. -- Alright... at the time of year end review I am just in opposite mood... I actually want to be bitter now. I want to like build that wall around me so that no-one enters. I don't want to break. It's okay if people call me different names. I don't want to stay sweet and take all the pain to me. Better I will be bitter. The biggest learning of the year in personal life would be... just don't trust anyone. Love, relationship everything is just stupid. If you're the only one trying in relationship...just give up... Don't hold on.  If someone is not even responding when you try to talk or if someone has problems with your calls or texts... Get the hint girl... The other person don't want any contact or don't want to stay in touch. Stop wasting time. Put the glass down. There is nothing that power of love can do in such case. Move on... If the person is not understanding your worth, your sacrifices or may be enjoys playing with someone's emotions.... just cut the cord.. If you have lots of love to give...Love yourself...There is nothing called love in this world. Its all rubbish. 
PS: The above negative thought was the one I wrote last night when I was going through all my bitter memories of the year. However, when this morning I woke up, I had a lovely dream. Brain was again not ready to believe on any dream and wanted to see the real facts. But I know, I have experience, good or bad, my dreams have some hints to future and this was very very positive dream. I don't know how I am going ahead with this goal but my heart don't feel I will become bitter but yes that's what my brain wants me to do. Let's see. I know somewhere deep down the heart that I will be happy as usual... not because everything will be good but because as usual, I will see good in everything. 
Looking at the review results, I will say not bad. It was pretty good year. In the last, I will just say... 2017 : Thanks for the lessons, opportunities, good times, good memories.
2018 : I am coming, Let's rock this.

Too much Love...

Last night of the year... And this is what Rahul writing....

At times, I did feel like his young age shows up in poetry sometimes.... At some places he is like immature.... But at times he is the king...
Anyway, I guess, he also might be looking back at his year...Is he also feeling weak?

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Vaalu pari Sukh Te....

After watching several dumb movies on idiot box back to back, having champeed hair, late baths, lazing in bed all day but not at all relaxed, living a different life altogether.... And finally once again the same feeling...
Something is missing.... Something is not there ... not Here.... Something is lost....for... forever..... What's that? Don't know.... Is it time? May be....  Now what? Don't know.... Just similar feeling which is on top of that mountain after hours of trek...

Friday, December 29, 2017

Live and Let Live...

If you tend to forget who you really are...


Anumodana.... Anumodana... Anumodana....Varamvaar....

Thank You God...

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Singing while working

Alright, so once again I have created a list of Things-to-do while I am on my vacation and it include few first timers things to do... And you see when you actually feel like giving up because you are failing multiple times and you still continue and hold on... all the efforts pay off eventually... I have planned to learn this new technology and I guess I am on track of it now. I will have to wait now for few hours to check if my efforts were in right direction or not. So time for other things.. 

Alright, so saw this video on my facebook feeds and seriously realized once again...Music can change your life...

I really miss singing in my workplace.... 



Mai Hawa hu, Kahi bhi thaherti nahi....
Ruk bhi jaau Kahi par to rahti nahi.. 

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Happy Holidays...

Gives the Love Aajkal feeling... isn't it?

Anyway, Good Morning World...  Happy Holidays...  May You all get whatever you wish for...  Live Life to the fullest... Enjoy.... Listen to Your Heart....  If You are not getting whatever You wish for... Believe... something or someone better is waiting out there... :)

Happy New Year... 

Tum chale aao...

I just don't understand myself... I am such weirdo... When I am having all the work, work, work... I will feel that when will be I able to sleep for longer duration... and when I have chance to sleep... I will keep watching such songs which may be in day time if played I wouldn't even notice.... It's the same me... who before few hours in day time was watching Shakira songs...But I guess that's the magic of the music... you see... Oh God... I don't know... I really need a break...

I was thinking... wherever we go.. we can take a break from everything.... from work... from usual life or say from everyone else... But how can we take a break from ourselves... 

Friday, December 22, 2017

Where You can be Yourself again....

Oh baby when you talk like that, you make me laugh.... Why do we have to put the phone down? Why? Why?

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Tera Wo Yakieen Kahi Mai to nahi....

There was a contest on radio.... with RJ, I talked about two different workplaces, two different cultures, happy moments and my dreams, hard work, fun, life etc etc and BINGO.... I won the couple pass to Kavita Krushnamurti - Subrahmaniyam + Pyaarelal live in concert...
Oh my God...wait...what? What's the date?
Umm.... I guess I will gift this couple pass to someone else. Yes, I loved Kavita Krishnamurthy and would certainly like to attend but I am planning for a much deserved break. I will be disconnecting from world. At least that's what I am planning. Don't worry though, if I am happy, I will definitely blog...say even if I am on Himalayas.. would be great if I would see any Kavita Krishnamurthy song now. Anyway, this is what I am feeling to watch. I am not sure if I would love Steve Wonder's, "what it is something true... Made up of these 3 words that I must say to you.... I just called to say...." And that's reason I would love this song "Aate jaate" or I would love, "Aate Jaate" and that's why I loved "I just called to say". Anyway both of them were from my list so whatever.
Good Night World.... Last few days of the year.... Make most of them. Make 2017 memorable.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Jis Raah Pe hai Ghar Tera

Oh my God... I am again watching Imran Hashmi's song.... No... Let me change it....

Happiness is Reading in Warm Blanket

When You need Rest but You take Antibiotics

It's Okay

Imran Hasmi Mashup...

Imran Hasmi Mashup...

Oh my God... Am I liking Imran Hashmi now? NOOOO...  I don't like anyone.... Ohh... I mean...  He always had such amazing songs and nice music...Take any of his films.... right from beginning... Aashique Banaya Aapne or Gangster or Aksar or Awarpan...or Chocklate, or that Muze Tumse Mohabbat hai one... with that Dhuvan Dhuvan song with Dia Mirza,  any any movie of him, say Murder, Murder2,  ... Jannat, Jannat2, Raaz2, Raaz3, that Tum Miley one... or that AAha one...I guess it was Crook, then Dil to Bacchha hai Ji, Ek thi Dayan.... it to had the song which my unborn baby would even loved, Azhar...  or even Raja Natwarlal or whichever...I mean list is unending .. He has played like dream boy characters in few films... and in real world... he is really very loyal to his sweet heart wife...
Oh my God... I have listed quite a few films here...  yes... I mean see these are songs from different phases of my life... like from hostel days to pregnancy and then so on...

Anyway, one of "my" song is missing in this mashup... I was hoping it to be part of this mashup...

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Sapnose Bhare Naina

I am thinking... if I take "eyes" as theme, I can get songs for all the moods... sad, happy, confident, romantic, se*y, emotional.... and with all the relations... father, mother, son, friend, brother, lover.... and ourselves... There are sooooooo many songs on the "Eyes"... Isn't  it?

Huhum... When I will get more time for blogging, I will start again having various themes for my posts and then sometime I can take up something like this... Alright..

Shankar Mahadevan....

Ring Shines and Ring Shines.... continued...

So I came up with an idea for my team and agreed upon several terms and conditions and created a contract for team members. Basically it was a new procedure that we are supposed to follow to get more output from the team. This idea was appreciated by quite a few senior people including the Boss. As a result, 12 other teams were instructed to follow the contract created by me. Oh my God...

Actually, this is not first time.... Three months back, I started with a process for my team.  It turned out to be very useful and efficient.... It was later implemented in many other teams... I was not aware first or I was not even given credit for it.  Actually that idea then was widely accepted across the organization. I work in an organization with more than 2-million employees and getting such acceptance to your idea is like huge thing.... and guess what I was not even aware of that thing... I came to know much later...

But this time, someone talked about that contract made by me to argue with me, to may be let me down in bigger audience where my manager was also participating...but then I kept on explaining my idea to that audience and then couple of other senior members liked it and later Boss too asked few questions and agreed that mine was the correct way.

You know what, I am so happy. I mean, my work is getting recognized. Yes, I need some polishing... I am not completely shining yet but this diamond is something people noticing...
And main thing is that I don't have to do much for all these things... It just comes naturally to me.... Seems like this brain is full of ideas... It was just waiting for opportunities canvas to draw an amazing painting.... Thank You God.... You knew everything... right?

And for son's "Student of the Year - 2017" award.. so to accept this award, announcement was made for parents to come on stage. I went.. my son came from backstage... and guess what... the official photographer from the school who clicked our several photos while accepting the award, asked me for a pose where I lifted my son in my arms. Oh My Baby... He also danced so well for both of his performances that again the photographer was clicking most of the time him only...

I was so happy... I was relieved... It was like taking a deep breath... sigh of relief types....I am no wrong... I am doing it right... This is like appreciation... when you are a single parent, all your responsibilities double up... you get everything double.... pain, sorrows and obviously happiness twice as normal parents...from your kids.... There is this constant fear... Am I doing it right? Is he missing on something? Am I incapable of providing him something? .... and n such questions....

Thank You God.... I know... You always do the best.... 

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Bhare Naina

See the video... Again....
He is Shekhar... Subrahmaniyam.... South Indian... Hindu.... I guess....
Then how come he is in the coffin? And then if he was in coffin, how come she has his ashes in next scene? What's going on?

Monday, December 11, 2017

Ring Shines and Ring Shines....

Now I am talking about 2 different diamond rings here.

First started with Apne Chehre ki Pehchan... Proved me that I am Alive and now..... another milestone.... This diamond is shining bright....

Another ring is my son's ring. Actually I wear a ring which depicts my love towards my son. So this ring is shining bright. My son is getting Student of the Year award tomorrow.

One day and I received two different good news.... for my 2 rings....

Dear God... Thank You very much for everything. Just give me strength that whenever he will be on stage, I should act Strong. I don't want myself to cry this time. Last year, I started crying in audience seeing him on stage and then he too started crying because of our telepathic bond.

By the way, for first ring, I got feedback that I should be more aggressive. Seriously? More?? Okay.... Momster..😂

Girl like Her

If you find her... Keep her...

Thursday, December 7, 2017

When will I go To Brasil

Throughout school and college days, each party we would shake our legs on this song... Actually the whole album... And now our next generation is dancing on this... One of the dance performances of my nephew and my son is this....

Brazil.... Lalalalalalalah...

Bhookh - The Hunger

When you are hungry but the card you are carrying has balance of only Rs.11, you end up drinking that tea which you don't like....

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Life is always Surprise

While listening to Ek din Tera ho jaaung@ on radio, I am browsing through ItS never break-up in love. Seriously? Love songs and love story....?


Goals for the Month - December 2017

I am posting goals after long time. But once again I will say the same. I was always having goals.. I just didn't post them here... Since this is last month of the year, I will also need to review my yearly goals and finish them. So, whatever goals I am listing below, I will be having many more than these.

  • Exercise :
I will start with Exercise. I have to take care of my parents health and obviously mine too.

  • 255555 Steps Challenge-- Last month I have joined this challenge. Here participants are supposed to walk 255555 steps in the specified period. Now only 7 days are remaining for the due date and I am just finished with 2 lakhs steps. So I still have to walk say 60K steps in next 7 days. And I definitely have to succeed in this challenge. I have paid $25 for joining and obviously I don't want to waste it. Data analysis had shown similar results as in past. I walk more on weekdays than I walk on weekends. Have to improve on it. But frankly speaking can't help it. On weekends have to do all grocery, vegetable shopping, take family to places and so on and have to use vehicle for all these and hence can't walk. 

  • Drinking 5 liters of Water daily – I have got another app for tracking this and this one is better than the former app. 

  • Drinking Milk Daily -- This is not happening. I am just tracking my green tea but no milk. Being a woman, I am more prone for bone density kind of things... So I have to drink milk. - 22 days at least.

  • Dancing/Playing 30 minutes --  My son's annual day is here and he is practicing dance on couple of songs. So to make him practice, I ask him to teach me his dance and then he practice while teaching me. Quality time. 
  • Reading and Writing :
Last couple of months I have got so many things in my list that I want to read. I want to spend time in reading and writing instead of wasting it here and there.
  • Business Communication Course - I have signed up for a business communication course and it will take whole month to complete it. It has assignments, homework and everything. Since I am part of global team and I need to communicate to people in several countries daily, I need such courses to improve communication. -- Finish with flying colors.

  • Read and Review – Reading 2 books and submit its review.

  • Post all the older reviews in a book-review blog. –  Pending since long. I think before this year passes, let me just do this. For time being, I will simply use any free platform… wordpress may be…

  • PDUs— Here is the update. As I had mentioned earlier, I had done with earning all the pdus in few months only and I have also renewed it. So I don't have to worry about PDUs now until 2022. Seriously... but I am still doing things that are just earning PDUs for me... My friends actually call me to get my advise on how to earn PDUs. :)

  • Finance Planning :
This I want to make my top priority since couple of months but failing to do so.
  • Savings -- I always put education fund for the year aside. But this year I have paid for 4 certifications in just last 2 months and my education fund was completely finished and I had to dip into my savings account. So I need to increase my education fund next year onward and have to look for options to increase savings like by spending less on ... ummm.... have to think.I will start small and to measure this, I am adding a number to my goal  or may be save for a certification cost which was the cheapest. 

  • Review finances and plan according to the situation and start and stop SIPs, buy/sell accordingly. -- Ongoing

  • Tax planning -- This is December. I have to be ready with documentation. I will have to take extra care this time. 
  • Shopping :
  • As mentioned many times, I have created a list for myself but not yet bought. I hope I can buy few things atleast this month. I deserve shopping yaar... Let me go.
  • Life Skills :

  • Car Driving –  I am having long vacation this month and I had not booked any ticket for anywhere yet. So I guess perfect time for road trip. So this is my top priority. 

  • Cooking :  I will try some nice soup this month. and yes, lollypops... fruits lollypops and some other kids friendly products. My son is just asking for everything he sees and I need to make healthy version for him. 

  • Try different styles of Eye makeup  – I want to be perfect in eyes makeup... say getting that smoky eyes look for day or having that green eyes look for evening party. -- 15 days new styles

  • Hobby : Creating something cool for friends. I am planning for a get together and I will gift everyone something handmade. 
  • Religion/Spiritual :
  • Chanting 108 mantras for 15 days -- This was hampered some time back. Have to do this regularly. 

  • One special type of fast – We have different types of fasts where we either don’t eat/drink anything or there is some limitation on eating. My body don’t allow me complete no eating drinking fast. So, I am planning for a fast where I will be eating without oil, salt, sweet etc.

    • Leisure :

    • Weekends -- One adventure trip -- Actually already booked. 
    • Salon and Spa - More than ever -- This time I deserve. 

    • Lunch/ Dinner Date with myself -Actually this is not needed to plan. It's happening automatically. 
    • Bike Servicing  -  Do as soon as possible.

    I think I am missing some things but what don't know. May be posting goals after few months so may have missed. Anyway, but as mentioned earlier, I will also taking care of my annual goals. So I may have few other goal posts this month. All the best to me... Let's rock baby... 

    Saturday, December 2, 2017

    Love Yourself

    I am madly in love... with myself....

    Friday, December 1, 2017

    Udne do - Let me fly....

    So here is a good news... Today I received an email that I was selected for an activity in my office. I just don't know how it happened. My manager recommended my name.. That's great exposure... More people and more audience.... and I was like... "what? how come? Oh my God...!! This is something that interests me. How did my manager know? So is it like my manager has identified my skills and he wants to make most use of them for company benefit? God... But how come? I think...he don't even know me... I guess, he just knows me as a no-nonsense fighter who is fighting all the time... asking questions and reasons where people are afraid of asking.. providing n number of suggestions... getting things done.... and big khadooos... "

    Anyway, so the news is from 650 people in my department, only two were chosen for this responsibility and I am one of those two... I am feeling soooo good...Feeling like... myself... it's sooo me...the real me.....I mean... I am literally flying... When your skills or your talents are recognized, it always feels great...You do more... That's really the confidence booster... And when you have that confidence in your eyes... it shows.... in your your tone... in your statements.... in your attire... in your walk... in your gaze.... Hey People, beaware...  A Star is rising... :)

    So I guess, next two weeks are going to be very important... have to prove myself in this extra responsibility as well... The confidence my manager has shown in me... have to prove it right...

    Thank You God... for the opportunity.... and everything... 

    Raat Baaki.... Baat Baaki

    Aagaz Yeh hai to Anjaam hoga Haseen...

    Hey, this video don't have that dialogue or what... Mai Tumhe marne nahi dungi...
    Long time.... Not seen...

    Thursday, November 30, 2017

    Random thoughts

    I am a part of a group which is more religious or the spiritual kind of group and group members keep sharing religious or spiritual things. It's not like always I do agree with all the things shared over there. I am a science student.... yes... I am spiritual and religious as well and I do believe strongly in my religious beliefs. But it had taken me many years to believe in the what I believe my beliefs. It took around 15 + years to reach this state where now I do trust those beliefs blindfoldly.

    Alright, so one of this group member has several hacks related to spirituality which can be used in our day to day life to improve quality of life. Say like e.g. how you save a contact in your contacts list impacts your relationship with that person. Initially it may sound rubbish but I have tried and I believe it's true. Actually when I was not knowing this hack, I was still experiencing this. I was just not knowing the reason or science behind it. Haven't we all observed that the contact details which you delete is nowhere in your life then. I know someone will argue that we delete only those contact details which are nowhere in life. Okay, think about it. How many people are nowhere in life but still in address book?

    Second I want to talk about is showing your love....PDA kind of things. So it said if you do such things, your bond becomes stronger. Ofcourse, introvert won't agree on this. But it is something related to, ' What goes around, comes round' kind of thing. And obviously, if there is no love in first place and you just do such things, nothing is going to workout. When you know you are loosing on your relationship, you try everything to save it.  If you both are taking proper steps along with this 'showing love to universe' hack, it might bond you strong.

    Just random thoughts going in brain world.... if you want to use these tricks...use and believe.... They might change your life... All the best.

    Tu Bhet na re punha Roj Roj.... Navyane

    Sonu and Shreya.... Touching the Heart directly.

    Tuesday, November 28, 2017

    Chai Pine Chalenge

    Hahaha.... And the lovestory ends because of misunderstanding and assumptions...

    In Pursuit of ......


    Monday, November 27, 2017

    Gulabi Aankhen

    Few years back, there was a turn on road I used to take to commute. When I would turn on that road, unknowingly I would sing a song... same song... daily... It was Zindagi Rocks...!!! This happened several months, I guess...  I don't know what was the connection of that turn on road and the song.
    Now... again... I turn on a traffic jammed road... and I sing this song... Gulabi Aankhe...Daily... Every single day....

    On analyzing this logically, I guess... there is a hoarding like structure in the sky... It is the first thing I see after I turn on that road.. and it has that pink color... So I guess... it makes me sing this may be...
    I don't know why but while writing this I remembered negative thought.... "Whatever I like, goes away from me..." . Okkkay.... so are we feeling that hoarding like structure.... will go away....? I don't know...  It is there for last 14 years at least... Last 14 years I have been seeing it on the same place... Okay... so if it is moved now... then will think about this negative theory... Till that time, no negative thoughts... Okay?

    Sunday, November 26, 2017

    Tere liye Palkon ki

    An Apple

    Today I have one windows and two Macbook pro laptops which belong to my office. I am basically Anti-Apple. I was never Apple person. I didn't like iPhone, Apple Mac, Macbookpro or any of their smart watches or  anything...  any of Apple products. I don't know exact reason why I don't like Apple. Well, I think few years ago I had to work on Mac and there was something that my manager had told me that I didn't like. Actually, I didn't like his approach. I didn't like his way.  But I think I couldn't hate my manager so I started hating Apple. It is till the day I never purchase Apple products for myself. Now when they are assigned to me,  my question was, "Why? I don't need them!! But obviously  being on a position I have to have it. Then I was like okay, I already have one Windows and one Macbook then why I need another?  I was told that I need to have third one as a backup option for my team. (I have to take care of 3 laptops.)

     That's life!  Year ago, I was not having a single laptop with me and I had to ask someone for a favor. Thank You God... You know what's best for me. I just follow whatever you suggest. 

    Raat Bhar Kajal Jale

    Yaaro Maine Panga Le Liya

    A friend of mine called. She was talking about the situation at her work place. There was some issue going on with her team and to resolve the issue she had tried several things. When none of the things work related to one particular person,  she escalated the matter.

    In this escalation meeting there were say 20 people from 7 countries. She was calm and quite initially as she had already informed about her concerns in the emails and other people. But in the meeting when she was explicitly asked to "throw light", she started bombarding. She started with all her facts and data and went on without taking breath. The person who was high in position, we call him say "customer" was then instructed by his managers as well who were in the meeting. 
    After this conference, there was another meeting where some of the attendees were same. The "customer" didn't show up in that meeting. While they were waiting for him, one of the managers said it was very unlikely that customer to attend meeting after such bombarding. At this point, my friend was shocked. She was like, have I done "too much"? She asked one of the seniors and he said, "it was crystal clear that your intention was good and you wanted to resolve the issues. But the way you said was different. But whatever is done is done". She was upset. She knew that she was aggressive type of leader. Her team would refer her as "DurgaDevi" at her back. 
    She then asked one of the third persons who was present in the meeting and she thought she could trust him. He seemed to be her well wisher. She asked, should she change her behavior or may be the way of communication? He said, "No, you should not change. Yes, that's true, you were aggressive and nobody talks like that with the 'customer' from this country. But then that may be the reason of his such behavior. And you had already taken initial steps by your emails and followups and escalation. When that didn't work, then you went to this point."  On her question, do she need to change her communication style? His response was, "Everybody has unique working style. You are new. You don't know their working style... Similarly they don't know yours...  You both will understand gradually and work accordingly. " He said one good thing was done was the message she had given to the people of organization... "I am doing everything process wise... I want results... If there are issues... I want them to be solved as soon as possible... I am not waiting forever... It's not like 'my way or high way'... But it is some way.. whatever..."

    So my friend was worried. Her question to me was, "Yaar... maine panga to nahi le liya...?" I just assured her. These kind of experiences were new to her and she had to learn somewhere. I just asked her to make most of the opportunities. She had got bigger exposure. 

    PS: This post was in my drafts. At the time of publishing this post, what I know from what my friend has told me is my friend and her "so-called" customer who she had argued with are very much in synch. Some times they just respond for each other's email queries guessing the other person's response in advance. It just took some time for them to get to know each other. Just like any other relationship, even in work relationship, you need to spend time together, get to know each other, then you know the working styles and your responses accordingly. So the person after that escalation was available whenever needed, at peak times, they both  had six meetings together in a single day. It was like closing one conference with team members of one country and then starting another conference with team members of other country and both of these were common in those meetings. They both take actions which make each other's jobs easier. Ultimately both of them realized that both of them wanted teams to deliver and they were doing their best. 

    Two Rings and Ten Offers Continued....

    Dear readers, if you have read my Two Rings and 10 Offers post, you know I got 7+1 Rings in total before I stopped looking for rings.* Now came the decision part of them. The very first one which I had received in 48 hours of starting job search was cancelled right away in couple of days. I never considered it again.  Then for rest 7....For first three, I straight forward rejected the proposals. They were good but they were not something that I would enjoy my life with. For fourth, I had to relocate to other country and the whole approval and other process was going to take time and I needed to decide faster so I informed about my declination to them as well. Fifth was the best position of all the 7, the dream I always wanted may be... I actually went and spent some time in premises, my future to-be office cabin etc. I was informed about the challenges of the position and my positives and negatives of taking up those... (This was the first time in my whole life when I have seen an organization has done so much detailed research on your profile that they come up with a complete SWOT analysis for their prospective future employee. ) Since this was higher position and was responsible for lots of investment, I was informed about opportunities, threats, challenges and everything about the position. I was asked if I could take this challenge. They wanted me to make the informed decision from my side. This was the best paying and highest position that I was offered. This too needed relocation at later stage but within country. After sleeping few nights over this decision, I decided not to go with that offer.

    In the end I had 2 rings remaining out of 7. Now, details about them... They both were same diamond, same material, same design.... just one of them was of bigger value than other money wise... Okay... at this moment, I had told both of them about each other's proposals and made everything transparent. Both of them knew that I had been say proposed by another diamond ring by someone else too. Now, it was time for me to relax. I was enjoying my time with my friends and making memories. Here now both of the proposals started increasing the diamond value. I had two offers now and I was going to one of them and I myself didn't know whom I would be choosing... (Atleast that's what I thought). So I was on a tea break with my colleague friend and I got call from one of these say prospective spouse. The person was trying to convince me to accept that diamond ring. After my conversation, I realized that my colleague friend had came to know the name of the proposal that I got from. I was secretive so far and I had not told about these rings to anyone. So this time I opened up and told him about both the offers. I told him plus and minus of each of them that I felt. He simply asked me one question, "Problem kya hai?  Tumhe decide karne me help chahiye? But Tum to pahlese hi decide kar chooki ho! You know what... you had only told me pros of  'this' ring, not a single con... You had already taken your decision and you don't know it!"  God!!! Happens with me... My heart knows everything... I only don't know that I know. :) Anyway, so I tried to tell him the cons as well but I also told him that it doesn't matter to me. Again, he said... you have already decided... just accept it... and go for it...  So after again few restless nights, I finally took the decision and informed the other "diamond-ring" proposals about my declining. At this point, the other "spouse" started following me and convincing me to accept that ring... The diamond ring (which was already of higher value in the two) I had offered was replaced by higher value again. I still said no. I was offered a necklace along with diamond ring, but I stayed firm on my decision.

    Folks... I have accepted the diamond ring which was comparatively of lesser value than the other... But I guess my heart was sure. The diamond ring to whom I said no was seemed to be like my home but I still rejected it. People may call me that it's not practical not to choose best paying job from the offers in hand and I am emotional fool. But I live by my values and that's how I am.

    PS: This post was in my drafts. At the time of publishing, I am very happy that I have selected "this" diamond ring.  This is 152 years old diamond and it is giving me all the shine I deserved. I have got wings and I am flying. I am  proudly owning this diamond ring and am very happy about it. I am enjoying being in relationship with this diamond.  I am actually living my dream. I am doing what I have always wanted to. I don't ever have to prepare (if I had not already done)... it takes the skills which are very natural to me...
    Yes, it is not like my home but it is my sky. Thank You God.... You know... what is best for me... You have suggested that it was not time to stay at home like comfort... This was time to fly...and I am flying... Sky is the limit...

    Saturday, November 25, 2017

    So gaya hai Rasta...

    I am going for some volunteering activity in a school in the morning and I have to sleep but you see the mind....☺️

    I just... Umm...

    Alisha.... Alisha....
    I have to take my singing seriously now.....

    Not Reachable

    Few months back it happened, I was working in my office when I got a call from local radio station, one of the famous rj was speaking. She wanted to ask few questions. I was surprised because I had not called them for giving any answer. Actually, I had attended various events for that radio in the recent past and hence she knew me very well.
    She had called me for her some survey.  Her question was, 'what would be my reaction if my boyfriend or husband is not reachable or say he is not answering my phone calls.' I told her that obviously i'll be very much worried and my first reaction would be that is he okay, is he safe? Something must have happened to him and that's why he is he is not reachable and that's why he is not answering phone. Then she kept on adding assumptions... and she kept on changing her questions and I kept on answering. Say for example, later she asked me what you know that he's in a place where he should be safe and he should be ok and still if he is not answering your phone what would you think, what would be your reaction. My answers went on changing....Her questions went on changing....I also shared with her one similar of my personal incidents. In the end when that interview was done, I told her that I was not comfortable sharing this on radio and it should not be aired. Obviously I was not very much comfortable with  answering questions of boyfriend/husband kind of stuff.

    I remembered, few years back, more than decade, when I was actually learning in my college I had my phone and it got switched off. It was switched off for 20 minutes and my parents called like half dozen people just to check my safety. Later whenever I wanted to sleep soundly, I would actually inform in advance that I would be sleeping tight and may not answer the phone.

    Anyway, that interview gave me realisation, how our feelings for someone change on one single incident as our assumptions change. So if he is not answering phone this is incident... The reactions range from, 'is he okay, is he safe' to 'he is doing this purposely and he doesn't love me anymore'. You may laugh on this. But thinking deeply, you will get this is truth. This is how we react. Solution? I don't know. Just the fact.... Communication is the key of any relationship.

    Friday, November 24, 2017

    Aur kya chal Raha hai

    Ban ja Meri

    Okay... So few times I happened to hear this and few words got my attention... Felt it to be very simple and real... Finally, searched for song and saw this.... Alright.... Not bad.... Okkk.... so real and simple....That's why....


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