Saturday, December 17, 2016

Locha-e-Ulfat ho gaya...

One of my co-worker met me in washroom and said... Hey I was searching for you last few days... Do you know, there has been a new radio station in the city and guess what, it all plays your favorite songs. Do check it out and she gave me the band information. Oh Seriously... My favorite songs are anywhere from classical Laga chunari pe daag to Hemantda or anything... I love Himesh and Altaf Raja as well... Gajendra Varma and Sona too... so I was amused. The person has recently joined my office and hardly knew me. She was not even from my department, still she felt that those songs would be my favorite. Okay... so had to check out...  It was Love Special radio station.. Oh God.. Okay, I got it... When I get some song attack and I don't remember it's film or some other details, I may have just asked her... yes, that I do all the time...yes, I remembered... I had asked her about that Aise na muze Tum dekho, sine se laga lunga... the new version of the song... Alright, so this is sure shot station to listen in romantic mood and great thing is it's on for 24 hours. While I am keying in this post, the song that is being played on the station is Locha-e-ulfat ho gaya...

By the way, these radio stations can make it or break it... anything... A couple of days ago, weather forecast was given as it will rain. The weather seemed to be so since morning. But then when it didn't rain till afternoon, all the radio stations were playing only rain songs... and we were really feeling all that rain mood. Most of colleagues who were listening to radio happened to humming the same rain songs... and then in the night... it rained... in different part of city.. Our songs did work and it rained.. :)


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