Friday, November 25, 2016

If you want to be Strong, Learn to Enjoy being Alone…..with God... :)

 Alright, so this post may sound very silly and stupid.. well not actually silly and stupid… Because there are many people who don’t have this skill….Anyway, so it is very minor thing… But it has marked a milestone in my life…It’s driving.

Yes… I learnt car driving skill in my 2013 goals, I guess. But I was pregnant then and I couldn’t practice it for long time. I did drive around at my hometown, post-delivery months but I always had kept a driver with me throughout pregnancy and post-delivery. Still, I was okay but then when I came to this city again and I met an accident while driving. The people around me did not go well with me for that and that was it. I tried requesting for accompanying me when I would drive, just for moral support. But more than a year, my car was just parked in parking with all the dust lying. I had low confidence because of that accident say, so I alone didn’t dare to go for drive.

Anyway, so couple of days back I actually tried first time driving after gap of years and it was good actually…  I practiced for couple of days with my younger brother and then today I took my car to my workplace. I did chose odd hours so as to avoid heavy traffic. All my coworkers friends knew my driving stories and the fact that my car was parked for so long duration in my parking place that the car key didn’t work when I wanted to unlock it couple of months back. Whatever, fact is that I have driven the car today in traffic for good distance… alone… Last night when I announced that I was going to workplace by driving my car, I didn’t get positive response from around. Even my manager didn’t recommend so. Come on guys, it’s my life… n it’s my decision… I actually need winnings now.. in each little thing… I need confidence boost now…and this thing was going to give me just that…I knew, God was with me always… then there was nothing to worry… Last night I alone went to long drive in the traffic areas of city…and that’s it. Anyway, this may be very trivial thing but it made me extremely happy, once again feeling that I am getting myself back… One more step done for my self-growth, towards becoming independent.... once again..... I am feeling like the train of my life was stopped for some duration, now it has started again…

And yes, about driving, I did okay, I didn’t speed up anywhere, I was cautious everywhere and yes, I once again realized, I can’t park properly. I faced problems while parking the car. I did take help from a stranger. I don’t feel anything wrong in taking help from anybody.. Yey, I am not superwoman and I don’t even want to be. I have past that phase and am matured enough to accept who you are with your strengths and weaknesses. By the way, radio was on while I was driving, weird was the song it came that time when I was able to listen it. It was, Just Go to Hell Dil, from Dear Zindagi…What God wanted to suggest with this song to me?

Well, this song… at this moment? Well, okay… I like when heart gives us strength to work wonders but I also accept that at the same time heart gives lot of pain too. So, I don’t think we should tell heart to Go to Hell… J. Don’t go to hell Dil…. It’s okay… I understand… I love it when you give me happy moments…. then I should also know that there will be sad moments too. 

Anyway, so I will be seeing myself now going on long drive late in the night.... just to listen my Car wali playlist that I had created since I was in school or may be to eat a Kulfi, or somewhere far away... for a tea.... Enjoy Dear... You have all right to enjoy your life... God is with You... :) 


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