Saturday, November 5, 2016

Goals for the Month - November 2016

I know I am already late for posting goals but my goals are clearly set in the mind for this month.

There is just one and only one goal in the mind at this moment - My certification examination preparation.

I failed in a practice test, just a couple of days ago and I am damn upset with it. I am spending my nights in preparing and after this test where I failed I realized, that's not enough. Well, the practice tests before this particular test, I was able to do well. But then I tried an another website's free test and bang. I had ideas about my weak areas but this particular test, I think, everything was from weak areas only. I just had that college wali feeling, Yaar, sab option me dala hua hi aaya tha paper me.. :(

Alright, so that is my ultimate goal this month, I will just continue with my minimum 4-liters water drinking and then plank challenge. I will be trying to do my health related things but I am not sure since I would be mostly sitting in front of system and reading, practicing the tests

Anyway, all the best to me..


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