Saturday, October 1, 2016

Goals of the month - October 2016

After long time I am actually posting my goals here...

October will be month of festivals, celebrations and my birthday... So, I need to finish the things that I had planned before my birthday. There are some other spiritual activities also planned already for this month. My kids first examination in his life is in this month. I need to give time to him too. Hence, I am not taking too much in my plate. I don't want to take so much and not finish it. Here my list goes that I have in my mind at this moment. I may add/remove items from this later as per situation. I will update it here.

  • First of all, after the success of 30 - days water drinking challenge, time for another challenge. I had plank challenge in my mind since long time and by co-incidence, I read about it again on this blog post. Decided, I am doing this 30 - day Plank Challenge for next 30 days. (In fact, since I am posting my goals in the night, I had already done with day 1 challenge task). I will be posting details about this soon.
  • Another challenge that I am not going to do very hard core but I just am planning to stop taking extra sugar in my cup. I am NOT going sugar less, actually I don't need to be. I will off course eat/drink sugar in whatever food/drink I consume. I just want to cut my habit of taking extra sugar. 
  • I am already doing one spiritual activity this month which ideally runs over 21 days. But since this is religious activity, ladies have to manage the activity as per their menstruation cycle. In project management terms, will need to add more efforts to reduce the schedule. This is going to take a chunk of my time. But at this moment I need this.  I need something that will help me get more focus and clarity about everything.
  • About investing, I need to search for a good annuity plan or some income fund and invest in it. From quite some time I am trying to create monthly income by such investing. Before birthday, I am planning for a little bit big amount investment as one of my birthday gifts to myself.
  • Okay, I do write many things on many websites and many times I have done ghostwriting but now I am feeling to get my brand in the world. I want to post by my name now. Last month I did post on a couple of websites with my name and I want to continue the same thing this month too.  I have written several articles which are not yet published. So my priority is finding good platform to publish them. I plan to publish at least 7 articles this month. 
  • I have landed a project in my to-do list that I need to finish this month. It's not huge task but it's different technology so just need to learn something new. I am planning to finish that before mid of this month. This project is the first one from a new client so will need to take care of other aspects as well. 
  • I am planning for creating a video for myself as my birthday gift to myself. I will be uploading it to youtube.  It's being long time I haven't recorded and posted anything on youtube.


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