Monday, October 31, 2016

Goals of the month - October 2016 - Tracking

After long time I had posted my goals of the month here and end of the month today so here I am tracking.

  • Plank Challenge : I do not want to start with bad thing first but this is not a complete success this month. Well, I have valid and genuine reasons for the failure. I did it with all my heart and core regularly sharp for more than half the month. Then because of menstruation cycle and all the PMS things I did take a break from of all straining exercises and that was it. Because of gap, later I forgot it for couple of days and then when I picked it up again, I got injury which is not letting me do the planks at the moment. I am taking up this again for next month but I will plan that break in the planning phase itself. So percentage of the activity completed this month... 65%  
  • No Added Sugar : This has gone pretty well. As I had already stated, I just stopped adding sugar. This led me drink coffee, tea without sugar for few days. But later I did quit tea too. Well, off-course, it means only at home and in the office. It did happen couple of times when I did go outside with my colleagues for drinking tea with sugar. Anyway, I am not addicted to tea/coffee or I don't have any sugar problem. I just wanted to check my control and I think I passed completely in that. Once again proved, I can eat/drink anything which don't have standardized taste. So, this activity completed with 100 % success. Not a single time I added sugar. 
  • Spiritual Activity :  Done completely. It did take me a lot of efforts (sleepless nights actually, had to give up cooking for some time) to finish this. But done finally. Completion Percentage - 100%
  • Investments : After lot of research, I did invest in Birla Sun Life MIP Wealth 25 plan as one of my birthday gifts to myself. Completion Percentage - 100%.
  • Publishing Articles : This was actually my bad planning. I am already preparing for some examination and the study is vast, I am seriously not getting any time for anything else. So, this has failed tremendously. I just did 1 article and then I had wrapped up the setup for now. I have no plans to open it up till I pass my examination. Status - Failed. 10%
  • Project for a new client : I did outsourced this one and pocketed the difference. At present the customer seems to be satisfied but I feel he will come back again with more requirements. 
  • Youtube video : I have recorded several videos but editing and publishing to youtube is still in my plate. This is tougher with a toddler running around in the home. Completed - 25%.
I also continued with drinking 4 liters of the water challenge and it was worked out well.

Seems like I need to plan now keeping my examination preparation well in my mind. 


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