Monday, October 10, 2016

Dandiyaa Fever....

Last few days India is celebrating Navratri festival. The festival is basically worshiping of Godess Durga Mata. There are many stories about the history of the festival.These 9 days many people do fasting for all 9 days, some have fasting on first and last day, many people don't wear footwear.  About clothes, each year there are some colors pre-decided as per some custom for Navratri. People wear those colors on those day. I do follow the color patterns strictly for last several years. It feels like Unity somewhere... You suddenly feel soft corner even with a stranger on the road, just because of the same color worn.

Dandiya Raas is an important part of this festival and that's where my heart goes. I have been grown in the family where ANYTHING happy happens, family members do the Dandiya and garba dance. It is very common in small towns. But here I see there are many events organized for the Dandiya raas and DJS and music systems and all arrangements. But it don't have that dance which a simple dhol music can follow. Anyway, with time celebrations change.

The last day of the festival will be Vijayadashmi or also known as Dashara....symbol of the victory of good over bad. My colleague who has just came out of her hometown was homesick because of the festival. I remembered my first dashahra here and I did feel I was so much home sick. When you are at home with family and you celebrate a festival you don't value it much. But when you are away from family you start missing your family too much at the time of festival.

Alright, there are many famous songs which are generally played while playing Garba and Dandiya. Here is one of them. It's by Falguni Pathak who is famous mostly for singing Navratri songs

Mood ke jo dekha Tum na the Sainyaa... mai sharmayee muze ye kya hua re...

While I am dancing in the Dandiya raas that I go to, I off course enjoy it a lot but I do also have a feeling of calories spent now... :) How much calories will be spent if I dance for say 2 hours! 


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