Thursday, September 29, 2016

Dreamy Eyes....

Alright,so if you have known me for some time or if you are my long time reader, you know dreams are an important part of my life. I ACTUALLY see the dreams which somehow sketch my current and future life. It is said that dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you... I truly believe... I have actually spent so much time in past just to understand the meaning of the dream I had... Well, now I don't do it much often ...

And then I get musical dreams too. Being a music lover, I ACTUALLY hear music in my sleep. May be my heart is actually singing but I really feel that I am hearing the music ( Well, this fact played major role in my pregnancy period. About that, may be sometime later...)

Alright so today early in the morning, I had a Lovely dream with background music of this song Dil Duffer. Come on... I haven't even heard this song for long time. Wait -a - minute!

Oh.My.God! Brain didn't even accept that heart was behaving Duffer but in sleep it has not only accepted but it's playing music too. Obviously, so even before cooking food,  my first task this morning became actually listening to this song. I was also missing my ex-colleague friend. She used to love this song and we would discuss how stupid songs we listen...  any stupid thing on the planet...without judging each other... and would laugh out.

Anyway  I was thinking that, in my dreams all the people are so much lovelier than they are in real life...Or is it the fact that all the people are actually lovely and nice. There are just situations which don't bring out the nice or lovely person in them for a given time when I am with them may be. Because, as I always say, I only meet good people in life. Knock on the wood but everybody I encounter anywhere is nice somewhere.

Just a thought came, in school, I used to do telepathy experiments with my best friend.... may be my dreams are outcome of that kind of thing.. because in my dream, even the person who talk less in real life keeps chit-chatting. Anyway, my mood is good, I am all dreamy and I am not letting anyone and I mean anyone...ruin that mood today... Okay? Have a Dreamy Day....!


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