Thursday, September 29, 2016

30 - Days Water Drinking Challenge - Result

I started this challenge on 24th of August for 30 days. Since fasting days and the emergency days in hospital/home I was not able to follow the challenge, I did delay the deadline and today challenge ends officially.

Yipeee!!! I did 5 litres today. Now, overall progress....
I was able to drink 4 liters for ALL these days. At some days I actually finished 5 liters too.

Change in me?

Okay, as I had already written, I just expected me to drink water even on my busy days (normal days and not the emergency ones)  and I did that successfully. I generally drink out my emotions in water so that too I increased so that my water intake will increase.

Bonus Benefits...

Okay, now I know these are not only because of this drinking water challenge, and I am not at all claiming them for drinking enough water. But these are few things that I experienced recently.
1) I have lost some of my post-pregnancy weight. Wohooo...! I am so glad to say this. I was actually fitting in my old clothes last few days, my brain understood this thing but still when I actually saw that number on scale today, I was too happy to believe. Anyway, I am not that much fat or something but yes, I do have belly fat, all thanks to baby delivery..and that's the only thing I would want to reduce.
2) I don't actually thought this would happen but I am being questioned for the secret of the glow on my face. Ahh... really? Huh.. huh...  :)
3) I have got compliments recently that I have got such a lovely hair! Oh yeah...I know... but keep saying that... :)

Anyway, so my point is only that all these things got definitely some benefit from my drinking water challenge. My challenge just don't end here... I will be continuing drinking water same way... It has become habit now. I am crossing off one more thing from my daily TODO list which became habit and doesn't need any more to be on my official "TO-DO" list because it will be obvious.


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