Tuesday, August 23, 2016

30 - Days Water Drinking Challenge

Drinking water... We need to need drink water to stay alive. What's challenge in it? Right question.
Generally, I do drink good amount of water daily. But this is not the case on my busy days. Whenever I am busy, may it be on work or doing chores at home on weekends, I do skip water, which I shouldn't.  I do not actually expect tremendous change in me or any quantifiable benefits from this challenge I just want to make this habit even on my busy days so I will go for the challenge.

In my initial days of the career, my boss observed that I was more productive when I was participating in any competitions or something like that. Obviously, being a good leader he used this quality for getting his job done but his this observation was news to me too. (Really good manger, isn't it?) Later I had also used my this behavior in doing good things. In recent past in April, I did entered a challenge where I had to earn a specific amount of extra income doing freelancing n other things. And actually, I was able to achieve it. I was amazed since number was not seemed to be achievable at first glance. But I did start a blog only for that purpose and posted daily progress on it... and it was done well before time... Obviously, it increased my confidence and added one more thing in my "can do" list.
Anyways, so coming back to the point...I read about this challenge in Happy Healthy Mama's blog post.. . I have read about this several times in past but this time I am actually doing it.

So, whats my challenge? Here are my rules. I will be drinking 4 liters a day for the next 30 days. In fact, I can count last 2 days as well since I had drank 4+ liters but since I failed to post this blog post in last 2 days so my punishment is I will start from today. For next 30 days, I will be monitoring and tracking my progress. I will also post here whenever possible. At this stage, I  hope I will be doing good except I fear for 9 days. This month has a festival where around 9 days I will be not actually fasting but will be trying my best to minimize my intake of food and water. I will be having my water only in certain period of these days so I need to take extra care in these days. These days are only risk that I can foresee at this moment. Rest all should be fine. I have cleaned well my copper water bottle of 1 liter for this. So, get set go... All the Best Girl....


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