Monday, August 29, 2016

30 - Days Water Drinking Challenge - Day 7

Day 7. Our 8-days festival has started and as expected, this was tough. I just barely completed 4 liters. Actually, I was feeling to have fasting and the fast I was thinking about was without food and water and water if drank it should be hot water. So half of the day I didn't had anything. But then bad day.... so tried to eat.. but anyway, couldn't eat too. But dragged myself to complete bare minimum 4 liters. I also drank  tea and milk 1 cup each. 7 Down....But at this moment I am sure and I know that when I will be doing fasting which definitely at least is last day, this challenge is gonna fail. So, I am already upset by the fact that I am going to fail. Today was really not good day. Everything was bad and I have got the negative feeling all over. Ok, fine... take a deep breath.... Stay calm and everything will be fine. 


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