Wednesday, August 31, 2016

30 - Days Water Drinking Challenge - Day 8 & 9

So, actually I did finish 4 liters of water both of these days though I didn't actively drink water. There was no taste of water, there was no happiness.  It was just like an unwanted task. Yes, I am feeling very guilty to have food and water when my parents are doing fasting. This guilt is not letting me to eat anything. I didn't had my breakfast for last 3 days or not eating lunch too. Off course it is affecting  my health and it started my coughing. Whenever I starve, I get coughing too much. Anyway, so I know that my body is not fit for all this "Tap" and fasting and that's the reason I don't do them too much but this time I am having this guilt feeling all over of not doing fasting. These days also informs me how much I am dependent on vegetables and fruits and how I am habitual to keep eating all the day. Oh God.

Monday, August 29, 2016

30 - Days Water Drinking Challenge - Day 7

Day 7. Our 8-days festival has started and as expected, this was tough. I just barely completed 4 liters. Actually, I was feeling to have fasting and the fast I was thinking about was without food and water and water if drank it should be hot water. So half of the day I didn't had anything. But then bad day.... so tried to eat.. but anyway, couldn't eat too. But dragged myself to complete bare minimum 4 liters. I also drank  tea and milk 1 cup each. 7 Down....But at this moment I am sure and I know that when I will be doing fasting which definitely at least is last day, this challenge is gonna fail. So, I am already upset by the fact that I am going to fail. Today was really not good day. Everything was bad and I have got the negative feeling all over. Ok, fine... take a deep breath.... Stay calm and everything will be fine. 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

30 - Days Water Drinking Challenge - Day 6

Day 6. I actually did set reminders to drink water since I was very busy. Well, but 4 liters done. I also drank  tea, green tea 1 cup each. 6 Down.... 24 to go... And now tough days are coming... Tomorrow onward...  Let's see... 

Saturday, August 27, 2016

30 - Days Water Drinking Challenge - Day 5

Day 5. I actually did set reminders to drink water since I was very busy. Well, but 4 liters done. I also drank  tea, green tea 1 cup each. 5 Down.... 25 to go... 

Friday, August 26, 2016

Dahi Handi - Janmashthami Celebration

It was the festival of Janmashthami in India yesterday. It is marked as the birth of lord Krishna. Well, I have already written on this years ago. Just wanted to post this picture since after many years again, I went to see the actual celebration. I wanted to show it my kid and he was happy and I was happy to get that feeling again.

30 - Days Water Drinking Challenge - Day 4

Day 4  not yet completed but I have already drank 5 liters of water. I also drank  tea, green tea 1 cup each. 4 Down.... 26 to go... 

Thursday, August 25, 2016


Okay, so subconscious mind keeps what all things in storage. Just woke up middle of the night with heart singing this song which I had not even heard in years... yes...years... how come it came in mind, no idea... We were in college and we used to bunk lectures and used to go to some friends home for group study and this movie was one of them whose songs we would be playing on repeat. Only fun and laughter and masti.

Because of this song, I contacted all my friends in group and said hi... I actually was missing all the friends. The gang of girls was All rounder. All types of girls were in my group... intelligent, genius, dumb, studios, dramebaaz etc.  We used to participate in each and every event that we come across and at-least somebody from group would win some prize.  Since I was the only working in the group at that time, obviously, most of the times, I used to be sponsor of all the fun things. Being a local television personality, many people used to identify me while we would be in group. But I used to be dressed up as Tom-Boy with my group and total girlie-type (with all makeup and all) while on camera so my friends used to lie to the people that TV person was actually my twin sister and we again would laugh harder later. Oh my God... so many memories... Now, we keep planning our get-together which never happens. Well, we had done a try few months back where some of us met with our children and we only know how much things we had to manage and take care for that one lunch. That's life now.

I actually had decided that I would meet at least some of friends one-on-one in August, but met nobody yet. Chatted with many and planned lunches, coffees, shopping but no execution yet. Need to add in actual TODO list  and I will track then. 

30 - Days Water Drinking Challenge - Day 3

Day 3  not yet completed but I have already drank 4.5 liters of water. I also drank coffee, tea, green tea 1 cup each. 3 Down.... 27 to go... 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

30 - Days Water Drinking Challenge - Day 2

Day 2  not yet completed but I have already drank 4.2 liters of water. I also drank soup, tea, green tea 2 cups each. 2 Down.... 28 to go... 

30 - Days Water Drinking Challenge - Day 1

Day 1 completed with 4.3 liters of water. I also drank soup, tea, green tea 2 cups each. 1 Down.... 29 to go... 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

30 - Days Water Drinking Challenge

Drinking water... We need to need drink water to stay alive. What's challenge in it? Right question.
Generally, I do drink good amount of water daily. But this is not the case on my busy days. Whenever I am busy, may it be on work or doing chores at home on weekends, I do skip water, which I shouldn't.  I do not actually expect tremendous change in me or any quantifiable benefits from this challenge I just want to make this habit even on my busy days so I will go for the challenge.

In my initial days of the career, my boss observed that I was more productive when I was participating in any competitions or something like that. Obviously, being a good leader he used this quality for getting his job done but his this observation was news to me too. (Really good manger, isn't it?) Later I had also used my this behavior in doing good things. In recent past in April, I did entered a challenge where I had to earn a specific amount of extra income doing freelancing n other things. And actually, I was able to achieve it. I was amazed since number was not seemed to be achievable at first glance. But I did start a blog only for that purpose and posted daily progress on it... and it was done well before time... Obviously, it increased my confidence and added one more thing in my "can do" list.
Anyways, so coming back to the point...I read about this challenge in Happy Healthy Mama's blog post.. . I have read about this several times in past but this time I am actually doing it.

So, whats my challenge? Here are my rules. I will be drinking 4 liters a day for the next 30 days. In fact, I can count last 2 days as well since I had drank 4+ liters but since I failed to post this blog post in last 2 days so my punishment is I will start from today. For next 30 days, I will be monitoring and tracking my progress. I will also post here whenever possible. At this stage, I  hope I will be doing good except I fear for 9 days. This month has a festival where around 9 days I will be not actually fasting but will be trying my best to minimize my intake of food and water. I will be having my water only in certain period of these days so I need to take extra care in these days. These days are only risk that I can foresee at this moment. Rest all should be fine. I have cleaned well my copper water bottle of 1 liter for this. So, get set go... All the Best Girl....


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