Friday, July 29, 2016

Using Love Feeling Wisely...

A friend of mine has recently shared something to me about Love and Life and wanted my inputs. Oh God... and I realized once again ... how much I love being in love... in love... with myself... and it really does wonders. Haven't you experienced when you are all sad and negative about your family, job, life and everything around, life is just hail and everything bad happens. But when you love yourself and are looking with all the "Pinky" eyes, everything is good. Even the bad thing happens shows you the good side only.

My friend was like the biggest pain in life is because of love. Biggest in life...??? Come on, grow up yaar... My friend is not matured enough, I understand but his point was the pain because of love. Yes, off course,  it gives lot of pain... It hurts a lot...Definitely, the one whom you love most will hurt you the most.... because you care. But you can make it your strength too. Make it your strength, use it positively and it can make wonders.

I am drowned in work badly and at one point I just feel so tired. I somehow start listening to all Romantic songs and guess what... everything is changed. Not that it finished my work magically but off course it gave me positive energy and enthusiasm to finish work fast. I just love this chemical hormone which does this love sort of changes in mind.

 After so many years, I heard this... Teri yaadoein me kat jaaye din, duaa me sari raat gujre...


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