Thursday, June 30, 2016

Ankhose bhiga bhiga Pyar bah jaata hai...

As I am very much fond of TO-DO lists and create list of almost anything. I had created a list of TODOs recently which has tasks which will somehow add to my workout plan. I had added a task as dancing on a song to it. I dance alone whenever I am happy but adding this task to my daily list has showed that even if I am not happy and if I am dancing, it makes me happy. I think it must be releasing that serotonin - the happy hormone.
Anyway, so even though this song was not actually dance song, but I get to dance only in alone time and which is limited, had to dance whatever available on television or radio. So, this was song yesterday and though I had heard it several times before, these lines had caught my lips today. Arjit Singh is really good, right? I have missed this film. Have to watch.

Well, about lyrics of the song, I again started adding gazals feeling in it. Long time, I haven't written anything.


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