Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Celebrating Life

Just like many other new mothers feel, I was feeling depressed and like I was in no control of my life after my delivery of child.

I tried getting back to "my earlier life" but couldn't get it through. I realized over failed attempts that going back to my life the  same way it was earlier is never possible now. I would have to balance things out. After this realization I tried many times but still failed.

 So, now I am trying baby-steps and this approach is working. As usual I did my "To-Do lists and I am doing it better with small changes in life. e.g. For healthy eating, I am eating 90% of time the healthier options and also I am working out 5 days a week. (Well, my workout is spread across the day into my chores/work etc). I also made small changes like standing 2 hours instead of sitting at desk per day at work and it is counting. I had already enrolled in graduation course for a community college and I had to give a test monthly, so for say little time I am studying that too each month. Well, as much I know myself, whenever there are things like challenges/competitions I love them. So, I am trying to participate in each thing I am coming across... it may be photography competition, salad decoration competition, challenge myself to drink 5 liters of water a day, 10000 steps a day or may be dandiya dance competition. Have to find out Happiness in little things.

 I also came across new ways to earn/save money in this period. Though its little but it's side income apart from paycheck and I plan to grow it over the time. I will write about that journey too here soon. The only difficult thing was getting started. Once I start, I keep on track. So many things... Well, I am starting reading 40 books that will change life from today.  Few of this list I have already read, but I will still revise them as a part of this mission. So first book, "I will teach you to be Rich", I have already read but I am revising. Starting with first chapter today.


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