Thursday, June 12, 2014

Singing in my Dream

Dreams and I had a long history. No, I am not talking about the dreams that I kept on seeing with my open eyes and do all the things to achieve them. But I am talking about the dreams in my beauty sleep. Most of the times my dreams make some sense and I strongly believe that using them as the medium the nature and the God give me hints about my future life. Most of the times my dreams have some logic and some meaning. They are so creative that several times my mother feels that they are my creations.

Anyways, so lovely dream started my day today. In my dream I had gone to some workshop along with my friends. The participants contained bunch of my friends, my relative and some special people too.  It was really some workshop that I didn't need to attend but I just went with friends. The workshop was something that I had already done. They were few tricks for maths and puzzles.  We were given some task to solve some puzzles. While we were solving the puzzles the music was playing in the background. And then suddenly came this song... and I murmured that I was just listening to this song before I came to this workshop. In my dream I actually listened the song and I started singing it in real life. God! My mother... She woke up and just smiled by seeing my craziness.
So, I was singing this song when I woke up and I was feeling so happy.

Dreams are the only way where we see our near and dear ones who are away from us physically and when we get up from the dream we actually feel that we had met the person. So, it has been so long (several months) that I haven't seen someone's face. I have the feeling of watching that special someone now and I have the strength again and I am strong. Anyway, in reality I heard this song after long time. Oh God.... you know...

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Pahle to Kabhi Kabhi

2-3 days back when I was surrounded with many people and people were talking to me, suddenly felt that lonely feeling in heart and heart started singing this.

Ahh, Alchemist.... Heart always knows everything. We just have to pay attention.
Anyways, so once again it is proved that, 'Ieshwar ke alawa aur kahi mann lagaya to ant me rona hi padta hai....' (means if you love anybody else than the almighty God, you will have to cry in the end).

Once again will say the thing that I experience always.... People come and go.... Life moves on...

Thank You God, for giving me opportunity to taste most of the flavors of life....

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