Thursday, May 8, 2014

Enjoying DAUGHTERhood along with MOTHERhood

After so many years, I am with my parents at my hometown for long duration. As you are aware, I am on maternity leave and as per customs and traditions, am at parents’ home. This is just the perfect life of enjoying being daughter and being mother, both at the same time.

The life as a mother had started very tired and confused. I didn’t know how would I handle this baby. But my family made everything so simpler. The baby was up whole night and used to cry. It was my younger brother, my mother and my father who used to stay up all night turn by turn and hold the baby.

My parents would ask me to take rest as much as possible as I would be exhausted by breast feeding. Mother would provide me food, snacks, drinks and everything (that was allowed to eat and drink) one after another. I had gained weight too.

This is my city and I would just get up and go out for any outside work or sometimes, just without any reason. My mother would care for baby absolutely fine. When I went to my very own old library the first day, I met my old well-wishers and I felt very happy. That happiness on my face gave me confidence in mirror that “I can be back… I am not lost… I am still there…. Yes, Baby is here… he is priority… but I am also here…” Then roaming in the evening on my favorite time was my favorite task. Similarly, in the afternoon when my baby used to sleep tight, I would just get out in the sun and feel that “cool” feeling. I would smile remembering my love theory. “ If you don’t feel heat in bright sun and feel cold like its starry night… then definitely you love somebody more than anything… yes, I love myself the most… I want to enjoy my life to the fullest. And my lips used to sing that old stanza I used to sing   “Yeh shahar hai Saving Savy Pinkey ka, yaha ki Fiza hai niraali…. Yaha pe sab Shanti-shanti hai…” While I used to ride or drive to the God very early in the morning, it was time for my old style of wishing good morning to whole India.

When initially, I didn’t had confidence to drive my car, it was my father who hired driver here and asked him to just accompany me while I was driving. My father took me and baby to pilgrim place. My father knew how much I loved to going different places and so the baby is. Using my kangaroo bag, my father too used to take his grandson for ride. My father brings always the best for me. He not only takes care of me, but every possession I have.

I am so happy here now where I am enjoying being daugeter so much and yes, these are the most happy days with my son too. I am spending so much time with my son. I am chatting with him all day, we listens to songs and dance sometimes together (offcourse, baby in my hand). Sometimes I make enjoy baby watching my dance. Intillegnt he is, he tries to copy the things. Mother and  I had taught him so many things that make his hands, legs and all parts of body, move. My mother taught him the greetings within first 10 days. 

I can never finish this post in the drafts as there are countless things my parents do and are doing for me. But before departure post, logically I am forced to publish this post and hence stopping here.
Just to say, I was very happy in these last few months…. God, Thank You….


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