Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Okay... but I know....

Many times, you just don't have to say it. Your heart knew it... Somewhere deep inside you had accepted it too and life is like that only.
Saving Savy Pinkey never asks questions to herself she don't have answers for... or she never thinks about why and this should or this should not types.... She just accepts life as it is. She sees the life as third person.

My 30 Before 30 Dreams - Progress Update... Before Baby arrives in Life

So getting pregnant doesn't mean that I am taking a break in my goals. Goals will be those only. The only thing now, time will differ for achieving different goals. Update is baby can arrive any time now and I will be bit busy with baby few days afterwards so just want to try to keep things in place so that I can start off good.
Anyway, good thing is that I have nothing to lose. I will only win in all the cases. So below goes my official 30 before 30 dreams list.

1.       Publish a book of Recipes. -- Well, many are in drafts of my food blog. Yet, I think, it is okay collection, though not yet organized as per the theme. So, I will mark this as 05% done. 
2.       Publish a book of Mummy's g designs. -- Actually, started working on this, first draft is ready too and it seems this will be achieved next couple of months. I already had collected 40+ designs. So, 50% done.
3.       Publish a book of Rangoli. - Not started yet. 0%
4.       My own album as a singer. -- Life is good, I have recorded some songs too. 20%
5.       Get a handycam. I want to shoot most of my moments. -- I want this to do as early as possible. Now, there is so much new in life to shoot. But right now, no cash for this. 0%.
6.       Painting. I want to create a big painting for my home. -- I will definitely do this soon. 0%
7.       Taking family and friends at pilgrim place. -- Right now, I am not able to travel even in the city, so seems little bit far away now. 0%.
8.       Be a columnist in a newspaper or magazine. -- Working on this. 1%.
9.       Win a competition of photography anywhere and get a DSLR camera. -- Not actually yet participated. But looking for competitions. 0.5%
10.   Win a singing competition anywhere. -- 0%
11.   Chanting 2000*108 mantras. -- This is the one which is going great right now. Not 108, but I have one counter and as per it I have done 1648 mantras (i.e. 15*108 mantras). Yeah, long way to go, but being on bed rest, this is the one I can do the best and it will be helpful for baby too. 5%
12.   Publish ebooks on technical topics. -- :(   0%
13.   Go on family vacation with my mother and father. -- 0%
14.   Mediate daily to find myself. -- This is what I am doing daily and its going good. 20%
15.   Learn a new language. -- 0%
16.   Learn a form of dancing. -- 0%
17.   Talk with a friend and relative once in a week.  -- Going good. I have even found out my gang's 8 members who were like not on the planet. One more time realized, people disconnect with world, in the tragic times, as they don't want others to see them sad. 30%.
18.   Write handwritten letters twice in a month. -- 0%
19.   Grow 30*3= 90 plants. -- Only 1 done. I am in no control of my home and outside shopping right now. 0.5%
20.   Read 50 books. -- Finished. Already done with 50 books. 100%. I think, I can increase the number in long run.
21.   Walk/exercise 5 times a week. -- Small walk is done but it depends on my health. There are days when I am just on bed. 0.1%.
22.   Start business for knitting/crochet/photographer. -- Knitting is what I am doing on bed, and okay with it. 2%
23.   Spend whole night at the beach under open sky. This is an awesome experience. -- When I will do this.. :( I want to go somewhere, away from all this. 0%
24.   Make a photo wall in my home. -- Again same situation, right now I am in no control of my own home and other things. 0%
25.   Get a different certification or degree. -- Surfing for this. 0.1%
26.   Learn a new skill. -- Done, Car driving was the skill I acquired. 100%
27.   Adopt a child to provide all education. -- Actually tried with NGO Care India, but this is not what I actually wants so still searching alternative. 0.1%
28.   Build a temple. I want to build a temple; I will try my best for this. But practically thinking, if this is not possible, I will set an alternative for this as JivDaya forum. I will free up cows, birds that are taken to be killed. -- 0%
29.   Go deep inside the sea/Bathe under Niagara/Skydiving. -- :(   0%
30.   Go to Antartika, the last continent, and I know, this may not be possible so I will have it’s alternative goal set as well – Visit snow mountains at the place that I had not seen earlier and enjoy skiing. -- Not sure,when this will happen now, let's see. 0%

    Okay, so 2 down and 28 remaining. Lets see what all things happen first and which take back seat for now.

    Mere Saath Hai Tu...

    Pinkey had always strongly believed in telepathy. She has experienced n-number of times the connection between her deep near n dear ones n her deep inside of heart. The dreams she sees in her beauty sleep represents the same.


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