Monday, August 12, 2013

Sensitive..... Myself....

I am now one step ahead through the phase of all confusion, happiness, sadness and all mixed emotions after knowing I am pregnant. Now that I have accepted the fact there will be changes in my body, in my life and with my emotions too... I never thought of I would become so much emotional.

Though its true, in this phase, at one moment I am just angry with whole world or more correctly saying angry with myself (for may be I am not able to do the things as previously) and at other I am on top of the world.... At one moment I am excited about eating something but the next moment I am sad on myself since I am not even able to bear the smell of it. At one moment, I am angry with my near and dear ones because, they don't understand how I am feeling.... (: ( )  and I can't explain.

But myself and crying.... Impossible... But this is happening.
It was first time noticed when I received this video in my whatsapp and I actually cried after seeing it.

I mean, yes, its touching but I am crying to see this.... This is too much.. I know, it's just an act performed but still.. So I was mad at myself because of this only.
Wait, but this was just beginning... Next day while watching the film 'My Name is Khan', I teared down again. God... No... I have seen this film many-times before and I had never cried... whats now all this going on... I don't want to cry on such stupid things.... whats happening to me... I know I am very Rough and Tough and now what all girly things like crying are happening... Somebody had told me that yes, while nature is converting you in a mother, nature first makes you sensitive... but this is too much... Is this side effect of the medicines I am taking...?


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