Monday, June 3, 2013

Sweet Dream Home.... or......just a Property.....?

Alright, so done... finally.... Lots of water under the bridge of time and lots of things to talk about. However, today I will be sharing the emotional investments, numbers, I will crunch sometime later.

As I have shared so many times and as everybody's life always does...
You get whatever you wish for... the only catch is you don't get it whenever you want it. Sometimes, it's too late that you don't have the feeling for the thing or event or even the person.

As everybody experiences, we grow older,  we get freedom but we lose our innocent childhood.

We might not be having lots of money to spend on with friends in the college, but the friends are there to die for each other. As we go ahead with life, we get money to spend over but friends gradually get apart.

Don't know why, but such random (and somebody may feel weired) thoughts are running in mind. The twinkles are not in the eyes. Anyways, I have become over-emotional these days. So, I will just forget everything.


Indian Thoughts said...

you seemed to be sad now a days. :(
I remember how bubbly you used to be..
hope to see you in same mood soon. :)

Saving Savy Pinkey said...

I am that only and will be soon in the same color. This is just a re-beginning of the life :)

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