Sunday, June 16, 2013

My 30 Before 30 Dreams

Alright, so as I had mentioned last week, I had finalized on my 30 things TODO list before I turn up 30. I will try to achieve all the things. But wherever I am feeling doubt, I had kept alternatives. Good thing is that I have nothing to lose. I will only win in all the cases. So below goes my official 30 before 30 dreams list.

1.       Publish a book of Recipes.
2.       Publish a book of Mummy's g designs.
3.       Publish a book of Rangoli.
4.       My own album as a singer.
5.       Get a handycam. I want to shoot most of my moments.
6.       Painting. I want to create a big painting for my home.
7.       Taking family and friends at pilgrim place.
8.       Be a columnist in a newspaper or magazine.
9.       Win a competition of photography anywhere and get a DSLR camera.
10.   Win a singing competition anywhere.
11.   Chanting 2000*108 mantras.
12.   Publish ebooks on technical topics.
13.   Go on family vacation with my mother and father.  
14.   Mediate daily to find myself.
15.   Learn a new language.
16.   Learn a form of dancing
17.   Talk with a friend and relative once in a week
18.   Write handwritten letters twice in a month
19.   Grow 30*3= 90 plants
20.   Read 50 books.
21.   Walk/exercise 5 times a week.
22.   Start business for knitting/crochet/photographer
23.   Spend whole night at the beach under open sky. This is an awesome experience.
24.   Make a photo wall in my home.
25.   Get a different certification or degree.
26.   Learn a new skill.
27.   Adopt a child to provide all education.
28.   Build a temple. I want to build a temple; I will try my best for this. But practically thinking, if this is not possible, I will set an alternative for this as JivDaya forum. I will free up cows, birds that are taken to be killed.
29.   Go deep inside the sea/Bathe under Niagara/Skydiving.
30.   Go to Antartika, the last continent, and I know, this may not be possible so I will have it’s alternative goal set as well – Visit snow mountains at the place that I had not seen earlier and enjoy skiing.

I am starting a blog to track the progress. I will update here too. Whatever the percentage of success would be in this project, one thing is for sure, I won't be the same person I am today, on my 30th birthday. :)
All the best to me.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Jeene De...Mere iss Dil ko Jeene de

Opening eyes late in the morning and doing all timepass in the bed itself. Surfing all the news papers and then news channels too... No worries of anything, let it be cooking, milk, breakfast, drinking water refilling or just anything or anyone in the world.

As younger brother had done always in the past, to make me energetic and make me get up, he would start nice songs on the player. Ohh, but this time I hear, all the sad songs are lined up. Ahh, he is just sometimes listening to all these "Toda-Toda" - breakup songs.

After the dream version of "Naina lagiya baarisha - Tujhe bhula diya", we are already in the sky and flying somewhere and then suddenly, "Muskurata hua, gul khilata hua mera Yaar" and it makes remember a sweet smile of some loved one.

This is called Life and I am living it fully. Jeene De.. Is is dil ko jeene de..Jeene de.... Har pal ko jeene de...

Sunday, June 9, 2013

30 Before 30

As you all know, I am in my twenties right now. I have started a new project of "30 before 30 ".  I am creating a list of 30 things that I want to do before I hit 30. I will soon post the list. Right now, I am just too much excited while creating the list. But my confusion is that there are many things I wish to do before 30 and just selecting only 30 out of them is really very difficult task. Still, will do it... Stay tuned for the updates. :)

Tracking Expenses

As I have mentioned earlier, I generally hate tracking my expenses.

Now when I have my home and obviously the Home Loan, I want to pay it off as early as possible.

So I am starting my saving from counter 0. For this I am adapting all the "so-called" good habits that I was not able to while I didn't had so many responsibilities. Now, tracking is must. I always hated this habit of tracking as I always liked earning more than I spend. However, now with big home loan numbers, I realize sometimes it may not be possible to earn more, hence spending less becomes obvious choice.

I know, I spend on small things and these small things add up eventually.  Though I hate making compromises in things that gave me happiness and joy, I will try to act on things that I can work upon. To get my wealth built, I will need to  earn more than I spend and I need to spend less than I earn and I need to know what and where I am spending. I have recently started this. I am adding all expenses in my mobile application and I plan to analyze them periodically.

If you have any other suggestions, please share. I would also like to hear your story of tracking.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Sweet Dream Home.... or......just a Property.....?

Alright, so done... finally.... Lots of water under the bridge of time and lots of things to talk about. However, today I will be sharing the emotional investments, numbers, I will crunch sometime later.

As I have shared so many times and as everybody's life always does...
You get whatever you wish for... the only catch is you don't get it whenever you want it. Sometimes, it's too late that you don't have the feeling for the thing or event or even the person.

As everybody experiences, we grow older,  we get freedom but we lose our innocent childhood.

We might not be having lots of money to spend on with friends in the college, but the friends are there to die for each other. As we go ahead with life, we get money to spend over but friends gradually get apart.

Don't know why, but such random (and somebody may feel weired) thoughts are running in mind. The twinkles are not in the eyes. Anyways, I have become over-emotional these days. So, I will just forget everything.


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