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Deewana Tera Tuzehi Bulaaye....

Monday, July 10, 2017

In Dino

In Dinon... Dil Mera Muzse hai kah raha....
Tu.... Khwaab Sajaa.... Tu.... Ji le Jaraa....

Thanks for Everything... God....

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Pahli Baar....Aankhari Baar....

I know, I am posting this song again in this blog. Last time it was about my coworker who had fallen in love for a girl and would share those cute things with me.
Today... its me posting this... :) Nooooo.... just now it came on radio... that's it... nothing else... :) I am not giving Priyanka Chopra's version... I am still in love with Suresh Wadkar's version... the silent one...

Thode bheege bheege se thode num hai Hum...
Kal se soye hue bhi to kam hai Hum....
Dil ne kaise harkat ki hai....
Pahliiii baaar....Mohabbbaat ki hai...
Aankhari baaaaar Mohabbbaat ki hai....


Other day, rather night I was at work doing my job and already late for home.  One young handsome man entered. He was wearing loose t-shirt and shorts...somewhat 'vacation mood' look. On seeing him, I suddenly felt 'deja vu'. I had seen the boy somewhere and I didn't remember where. I was stressing my brain so much, I forgot that I was actually in middle of a conversation with someone else. Oh God, the other person must have felt that I am checking out the young handsome cool dude. With embarrassing  awkwardness I continued my conversation. The person was talking to the boss and though they both were communicating in English, I recollected that the boy was Marathi. He left soon with boss.  I told my mother the incident and asked if she remember any of my friends or colleagues with such description. Till this point I had recollected that he had worked as actor. But I couldn't recollect him.

I was going through newspaper today when a photo on the first page of films section caught my attention and I just remembered. Eureka... Eureka.... It was image of a bald man, not so handsome... I went to my mother and asked, "if this person would have hair on his head, do you think you know him?" My mother saw photo and said, yes, He is "Saurabh Gokhale". Oh.My.God. I got him now... that night, he was Saurabh Gokhle in the shorts.... He is Marathi actor by profession.

Happens all the time.... I have worked in so many fields... and with so many people that I keep on forgetting people... It's my mother who most of the time reminds me, "that boy is from your that diploma course..... Okay, that person we met.... you worked with that person in that library in that summer.... and so on.... " Thanks mother for reminding.... You know... my own life theory that I keep writing here....of "People come and go...Life moves on" actually had came from so many experiences...

Anyway, so he has just maintained himself very well... he is not young boy... I mean off course not young as me... he is quite older than me... Similar incident had happened in my office once when someone came  to see the office space for rent and that time the person and I, we both had identified each other and we talked and all... Oh my bestie in office... I am so missing you now... Whom with I gossip about this now...

Goals for the Month - July 2017

Alright, its already 2 am in the clock but I am not sleepy at all. Cool songs are going on radio and it's perfect time to jot down the goals.

I am in happy mood thanks to these cool songs and hence going to make happiness first priority on my monthly goals...

  • Record  -- This was done last month without any plan and it was good. So this time planning for it. This time that will be for myself... I love myself you know... I am dating myself.... I take myself out for lunch/dinner/tea/snacks/coffee and outing so... I deserve a song for myself this time.... :)

  • Leisure -- Stress will be allover this month... Well, it will trouble me only if I mind... Let's just laugh out the things....
  • Salon and Spa --Well, salon budget is going to blow this month I guess... At the time of writing this goals, I have already visited salon several times in this month. Today also I had a "look good for" visit. God, please take care of these expenses... Salon prices are going to be up because of GST. I need to find some new gig to finance salon expenses now.

  • Weekends -- One monsoon picnic is planned this month with family... I had already bought tickets of the resort... I plan to drive. If possible, one solo trip as well... which seems impossible this month given my weekends are busy with work. I was super busy today and 3 meetings lined up already for tomorrow.

  • Lunch/ Dinner Date : I will have minimum of 6 Lunch/dinner/snacks dates with myself. Seriously this is badly needed.
  • Read and Review -- This takes time process wise so now after bit experience I need to estimate this carefully. Now I know, it is going to take time anyhow so will plan accordingly. 2 book reviews... (approved).

  • Writing: I am again making writing as my priority. Its such a stress buster. I will be spending much time reading+writing. I want to write whatever I have in my drafts, bookmarks and mind since long. Let the posts be flooded to my technical blog. Minimum 5 posts to technical blog after today and a full length technical article. Six months review for annual goals as well... 

  • Shopping : No shopping for myself... only essential things for home and son will be bought this month. Wait... my anklet is pending... Okay fine... anklet shopping.

  • Cooking :  Kids friendly cooking. At the evening time, if I get call, my coworkers know... caller would be my son and will ask for some food item.... Mother... I love you so much... I love Jilebis too... I love gulab jamuns too...kaju katli... and what not... and obviously like any good mother I prefer only my cooked food for him... so I make jilebis, gulab jamuns etc for him. He has seen my chocolates mould and now keeps asking me to make chocolates... No baby... I am not gonna fall for are not getting chocolates...

  • Health :
  • Diet -- I am having "feeling" that my healthy diet has derailed... and this might affect my hair...I don't want hair fall now... So healthy diet... 2 salads, one fruit, one glass milk daily minimum... milk obviously not for all days* and adjust dinner time... I am feeling hungry late in the night... (At the time of writing this also I am feeling too hungry now... what do I eat now...)

  • Drinking 5 liters of Water daily -- Continue with this.

  • Drinking Milk Daily -- Continue with this.
    • Walking 30 minutes --  Continue with this.
    • Plank -- 20 days minimum.

    • Work -- I have a client who is leaving this month forever. It was long association and good money too. It won't be there now. So, need to find something else to fill up that space. WORK  this on PRIORITY. Have few ideas... have to figure out and work accordingly to get success.

    • PDUs-- I am not planning for any of it actually this month. So, even couple of PDUs will be okay for this month. That I can actually get by attending chapter's meeting and business lunch/dinner whatever is planned for this month.

    • Tax planning -- ELSS, automatic payments, income tax return.

    • Chanting 108 mantras for 20 days -- This is going okay these days so I think I will be able to achieve this easily.

    • Car Driving -- Get servicing done and continue with practice. Drive to Monson trip.

    • Hobby : Create something cool

    At the time of writing these goals I am actually little (very little) bit worried but confident too. I am not fearing even for a second. I know, God is with me.. I know, we will do it. I think I am getting close to what I want.... how part of it... I was figuring out... I think clouds are clearing now... I am able to see the sunshine... Again, it's a risk... but that's how we enjoy our life, right? by risking everything... Let's see what happens... I know, whatever God does, its all for good in the end.

    Goals for the Month - June 2017 - Monthend Review

    Alight, it's late already for review. Better late than never. You can read my June month's goals here.
    • Exercise :
    First of all, there was no weight gain. It was just my "feeling". God knows what all just feelings are going to be false... I just hope some "feelings" should be false.
    • Plank -- Planks for minimum 20 days. –  Done - 100%
    • Drinking 5 liters of Water daily – Done - 100%.
    • Drinking Milk Daily --  I actually did drink milk daily but turmeric milk for 15 days not done... but good news is my son is drinking that turmeric milk. So... 80%.
    • Walking/Playing 30 minutes --  Done - 100%.
    • Research about Fitness tracker – Not done. Not even started. May be I am postponing this. 0%

    Reading and Writing :
    • Read and Review – Reading 4 books and submit its review. 60%
    • Post all the older reviews in a book-review blog. – Still doing legal things on this one. 10%.
    •  Publish a finance article in local news channel. It’s been long time, I am not in print media. - Draft is ready. not yet published. - 20%.
    •  Technical blog posts publishing.  - 50%
    • One technical article. -- Not done. I was doing blog posts, full fledge tutorial not done. -- 0%
    • PDUs—      Done.100%  -- Interestingly, now I am earning these without doing much and I am enjoying.
    • Finance Planning :
    • Car insurance renewal. -- Research done but not yet paid. Well, due date is next month so... not doing until last minute:) -- 70%.
    • Pay premiums of the due policies. -- Done - 100%
    • Tax planning -- Set all the automatic payments this month. -- 60%
    • File return. (I am writing this… but I know… this is not happening, until the last minute… Still will write it here…) -- I know myself man... how could I? Not done.... :( . 0%
    • Shopping :
    • School Shopping -- Done - 100% 
    • Water Purifier -- Postponed -- 0% Instead bought phone.
    • Rain wear -- Done -- 100%
    • Anklets -- Not done -- 0%
    • Clothes -- 400% .
    • Life Skills :
    • Car Driving – 75%.
    • Cooking :  Cooked many things but not what I had planned for. No lollypop :( So 0%.
    • Try different styles of eye-liner – Good going. My coworkers can actually see the progress. I got daily feedback like, "right eye is perfect, left is little bit thinner.... You know what... darker one color suits your face... when you get it thick, it goes well with your eyes.... " Okay... whatever... 90%
    • Learning language – I am just not in mood to write about this. I don't feel insulting feeling easily. But I am feeling so so so much these days and it hurts most when you don't want to get hurt from that person.... I will just write 40%.
    • Hobby : Creating something cool. -- 150%
    • Religion/Spiritual :
  • Get son admitted to annual course of religion. -- Done and going good. -- I rush to his religious school to see that he is studying well. -- 100%.
  • Chanting 108 mantras for 20 days -- 100%.
  • One special type of fast – Not done -- 0%

    •  Leisure
    • Bike Servicing  - Done -- 100%.
    Overall okay month. At the time of posting review I am feeling bit negative moment but progress was okay.

    Friday, July 7, 2017

    Mala Ved Laagle Premache....


    If you are my regular reader, you must have read that in my pregnancy, I used to have songs cravings... you see like... "I want to listen that song... NOW....and I MEAN NOWWWWW" and several times, I usually even didn't remember what "that" was...  I would just describe whatever I remember about the song... and then I would search it and off course listen it... This below song was my one of those "songs cravings" in pregnancy.

    As they say the cravings you get in the pregnancy are actually the desires of the baby... So I made a playlist of all these craving songs. Thing to note here is I was following all the GarbhaSanskar rules properly and very seriously (and yes, they resulted positively by blessing me an intelligent [rather over intelligent] baby... knock on the wood). One of it was listening to that GarbhaSanskar Mantras and music. It was mentioned to continue this when baby will be born and then baby identifies that music and stays calm etc etc. Alright, I got the point. So along with the GarbhaSanskar Mantras my baby was listening to right from Shakira, Jagjeet, Himesh and who not. So I made that playlist and when my son was born, I would use that playlist to make him calm and he would seriously sleep listening to those songs.
    One day one aunty came to see me and my newborn and after seeing this song was going on while I was rocking my baby to sleep, she was like "hey you should make him listen lullaby, not this kind of song...". "Oh seriously? He is my son and I know him more than you. We were communicating since the time nobody in this world has even seen him. I know what works for him... Okay? So thanks but no thanks..." Off course, I did not actually speak these words which were in my mind. I knew that aunty had visited to bless me and my newborn baby and I, like any other to-be mother was used to listen advice from *anybody* in the universe. Anyways, so song is very good and my son liked it from the time he was not even born. It's like "Pahla Nasha" love song... whenever you listen it, it will make you smile...I am going Crazy in Love...

    Well off course, I just like the song, music, lyrics... Video..umm.....Ah well... actually, I didn't like the movie as well... Rubbish...Your just kids... It's your age to do something productive, something good out of your life...and you are doing such stupid things... Obviously... love is being stupid... Love should be strength, not weakness... and in this age you don't understand that only love is not sufficient for the life. You should make your career first. And by the way, only love is not enough even in the lateral stages of the life.... Say for example your partner loves you but don't respect you... it doesn't last positively throughout the life... you lose your confidence and you had to actually spend your entire life to get your confidence..  just a min... am I talking on the similar note of Alia Bhatt in . Badrinath ki Dulhaniya...  Well, I didn't like that movie either... Nice girl but wrong boy...Comeon yaar... well that's my personal opinion about that movie...I know, Life is not movie but this point is perfectly valid in life. Trust me... I have seen this... it takes forever to get yourself back again...
     Oh God... long post... out of nothing... just a song... I think I should be sleeping now... Like my newborn baby, I will try to sleep to this song today... Good Night world...

    Sunday, July 2, 2017

    Bechainiyaa.... Betabiyaa....

    I am just feeling too restless and don't know why. The feeling is lasting since long time so I thought to just let it out so that I may feel better.

    I am not sleeping but I don't feel I am complete awake either. I am feeling giddiness.. May be I just need some sleep and all the thoughts are because of sleep deprivedness.

    Wednesday, June 28, 2017

    Money is not everything

    We all deal with the experiences in our lives when we realize that Money is not everything.... It can't buy everything.....

    • You may have your relative whom you know is going to soon in front of you... you have money... But you can not do anything....

    • You have money in your pocket.... But you are at a place where you can not eat or drink anything.... 

    • You have money in your wallet, reason to celebrate but no near and dear ones with you....

    Last but not the least... (my drama begins now....) 

    You are ready to pay whatever the mobile repairing staff ask you to switch on your phone, but after trying for 15 days, the mobile repairing staff returns you the dead body of your phone... with the money..... :(


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