Saturday, January 7, 2017

Goals for the Month - January 2017

Here are my goals of this month. 

I want to plan all my weekends so that I make most of them. I don’t want to waste them by being upset. So will start with those things first. 

A lunch/dinner date with myself – This month I will be going for a lunch/dinner with myself.

Learning a new Salad – I want to try a new salad this month. I will be posting it’s photo here as well.

A play/live in concert – Whatever is available of my taste, will go for it.

A spa – Spas are long time due.  Even my regular hair spa was not done last month because of being busy in examination preparation.

Going on a trip – I will be going on one trip at least this month. It can be either religious place or may be adventurous thing.

Drinking Milk Daily – 2 cups at least.  My boy is not drinking milk these days so the milk in my home is just getting wasted. I have to have to incorporate this habit in me along with my baby.

Walk for 30 minutes daily – I should walk for at least 30 minutes daily and yes on WEEKENDS too. At workplace, I usually take a walk but on weekends I just go everywhere using my vehicles. So, this needs special attention on weekends.

Drinking 4.5 liters daily – Drinking 4.5 liters daily. Well, I can do this easily, I am back to this again after gap.

Tax planning –  Being January, needless to say, I will be doing this so just wanted to make a check it is here in January goals.

Diamond shopping – I haven’t gifted anything in jewelry on my last birthday. My father suggested me to buy a gold ring.  But you see I am not in very much mood of gold shopping now But I want to buy all the white metals and white stones now. So, my goal this month is finalizing on the piece and making actual purchase this month.

Read a book – I will be reading a book and writing it’s review.

Get my money back – Last month’s education fund that I had utilized, I would like to earn that money back this month by earning extra. I would not stretch myself so I will give myself couple of months to earn that money.  January will be the first month. Let’s see how much I earn back. 

Record a video - Just before some time I was in very happy mood and was actually audible.  I should record such moods. Next weekend, may be... :)

Start a SIP  - I will be starting one SIP this month.  I will be posting the details after analysis. 

Chanting 108 mantras for 20 days.  - At the time of writing this post, the 7th day of month I had already done this for 4 days in this month. I want to make this my daily habit eventually. 

Plank - Continue with 30-days plank challenge.

(Just now saw preview of the post and I felt I am just putting my daily TODO list here. Will take a break now and will come back for more.) 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Goals

Happy New Year Everyone and now the first Sunday of New Year, perfect time to jot down the goals of this year. I will be writing them on high level at the moment. I will drill down them in my monthly goals. (In project management, this is called as Rolling Wave Planning :) )

I am putting my personal goals on top this year because now I realized that those are the goals which actually benefit in day-to-day life. Those are the goals which actually gives the smile on face.


·         Stay happy no matter what the situation is. :) 
  • Music: Well, I don't have the same mood of performing which I had earlier. But I would still want to record videos in my voice and upload.  6 throughout the year.
  •   Photography:  I will participate in 10 different photo competitions which is less than one each month. Seems doable. 
  •   I will do some free course about photography and photo editing this year. I need to learn new things. 
  • Hobby: I love to make best out of waste and I would like to make 12 art pieces at-least throughout the year. Exact on this in monthly goals.
  • I will be reading at least 17 books this year. I know, being a column writer of Book of the Week, this is very less number. But I am just trying to balance between priorities and hence small number. I will also review them somewhere. 


·         Alright, because of this examination preparation, my health has gone down again. While I was just sitting at home and preparing, firstly I have regained the tummy fat, second to get lesser breaks in that exam’s 4.5 hours, I stopped drinking 5 liters water habit, reading late night, changed eating timings etc etc so I suffered from dark circles, pimples too. I need to get rid off these exam side effects as soon as possible.
·         I am once again following My customized work out plan from today. Will write more in monthly goals.

·         Drink milk : Eeeeeeeeeeeee….. That’s how I do the drama in front of my near and dear ones… Anyway so this is second year when I have found that most of women’s bone density issue in my bones too. First time I thought it’s common because I was breast feeding but now at this time of health checkup, it’s been months I have left breast feeding my baby.  So where is the calcium? Drinking milk was good habit that I lost in my personal issues. I will have to again start with it.


I want to go in sea, in mountains, in jungle and in air, all four this year..… And this doesn’t have to mean expensive trips… It can be a weekend trip or even a day trip… For air… definitely a weekend trip…  I have found certain good groups which organize good adventurous trips. I am also planning all women’s trip… Well, have been watching that advertisement for Leh All Women’s trip for quite some time now… My heart secretly wish to go… but I know, this may not be possible at this time... so anyway…Let’s see how it goes. More adventurous things this year… And off course, I will write about all those too… 

I want my own long drives in my car this year and I also want to go on a long trip in my car this year where I myself will be driving. This can be my hometown visit. 

  • I want to go to a level this year professionally. For this, the most important thing I need is confidence. I know my strengths and weaknesses. I want to do the things that I enjoy and not the things that I can do. I know what I enjoy. I will be planning various things for this including job interviews, training, seminars, webinars and certifications etc. for this. 
  • ·         I also want to work for myself for longer this year… I want to invest in myself to get better yields… As I drill down further on my goals in my monthly goals, I will plan for appropriate actions on this
    ·          I want to publish my course/tutorial/webinar. More on this later.


Alright, so this demonetization thing made me review all my investments and I realized I need to do better tax planning now. That is number one priority financially

Tax Planning -  I do advise people and plan their taxes but I give little time to myself for tax planning (may be because I don't pay myself ;) ). This year, I need to organize all my paper work neatly for my own tax planning. And yes, that pro-longed NPS, I would like to make final decision on it this year at least.

Make Passive Income - I want to make the flow of passive income so big that I won’t be dependent on my job for any money this year. Big goal, but need to achieve.
Make extra income – I want to reach a level where I will be able to do all my shopping with extra income this year. 

Retirement Fund : Will start a SIP for addition in retirement fund.

Kid's education Fund : This is going very low. I would like to save aggressively in this. I will do a SIP for this.

Insurance Cover - I will be increasing my insurance cover this year. 

Opportunity Fund - I am setting an amount in my opportunity fund and I wish to increase it by  at least 50% by the end of this year. 

Education Fund - This is my own education fund. Here again I have set an amount and I wish to get some monetary returns out of it this year.


  • For this blog - I have started writing here again and I need to increase the page views. I want my page rank, I want my numbers back and I know, I can do that soon. 
My technical blog is also not much active. But I have lots of topics to write in drafts. I just need time and mood to write. My goal will be posting all my topics in drafts.
  • About others I will have to think. 


·         Daily chanting a mala of God's name. I have been doing this on and off for years now. I want to continue it forever.

·         I do Darshan at atleast two temples daily. By God's grace, it is possible for me now, to get my kid into my Sanskars, I take him for Pooja in temples on weekends. The addition I would like to do is continue with these things and do the special meditation once a week. I am not able to do this whole year. It is really helpful for focusing and getting clarity.

·         We have many pilgrim places and by my bad luck I had not been able to visit them much. I would like to visit one big place in this year. There are people who do it actually 100 times and I haven't even visited it once. 

·         I am doing graduation in my religion. I am doing it so that I know it deeper. I don't trust anything or anyone just like that. Anyway, so I had to drop out my examination last year due to my office priorities. Hence, I am repeating my last year's course this year too. The only issue I feel is writing practice. I do write daily my diary so I do write. But my graduation language is my mother tongue which I don't write anywhere, so that's problem. I take longer to write the paper. Goal is to complete it successfully. Off course, this is my low priority goal.


I don’t react generally even when something is bad said to me. But when I do, I am just harsh and rude and too rude.. Sometimes, my words hurt my near and dear ones. I off course realize that I shouldn’t have speak like this but then it’s too late then. So, I want to stop using harsh words while angry.  I am not saying I should not react, off course, I should ask one to behave or be in limit. But that can be done nicely too. Okay there is again one more thing that I need to work on. I need to express myself more often. But seriously I don’t think at this moment, I am in mood to express myself. Better keep things to my self. Or may be middle of the year, I will be able to achieve this. I don’t know. I will just keep this goal here. Let’s see how it goes. 

My Heart is Beating.... Keeps on Repeating...

A very good start to my new year... I had a very romantic dream... Well not actually romantic... But it may be something I needed at the moment.
Generally, we don't pay attention to heart and it's feeling if we are hurt already and we are more cautious about everything.  You know, a burnt child dreads the fire sort of thing. So, I think everything was okay but last couple of days I was feeling like I am behaving like a teenager. I felt that there is no desired response from the person I wish and everything may be my just misunderstanding. You know that confusion of rose petals, He loves me, He loves me not, He loves me, He loves me not.  I don't wanna get hurt again. I already had that wall built around heart to prevent itself from all this. Brain do not allow my heart anything easily. But when brain feels that I am only being stupid, it definitely saves me. 
Anyway, so the morning of this new year had a dream and God has given hint that okay...It's fine.
I know, the logic that it's my dream and I only will see what I wish for. But you see my dreams actually depict future. This has been proven through years... 
I trust God and I am sure, I will getting some more hints soon.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year 2017

The living wall at the entrance gave me my smile... I have come to the right place baby... 

Hours spent to create a hairstyle and to get ready... to meet my bestie... who knew... how big task it would be for me to keep patience... to do that hairstyle... :) 

And then how long will I take to finish this much quantity...

And then New Year mood with the Mocktail..... Se* on the beach...

I have two 31sts very close to heart and 31 December is one of them... And my best friends make it perfect... Thank You Yaar.... 

Happy New Year 2017 World....  Thanks God... :)

Goals 2016 : Year End Review

Alright, so I just checked and I had not posted any goals on this blog this year... I guess I was too depressed to write anything may be... There is only one post in new year mood.. Anyway, but I will review the year with my goals mentioned in my journal.

Life :

I am independent and back to me again... The major thing in 2016, though this was not planned in goals initially and I didn't wished it this way but I had put my foot down and said, yes.. That's enough. Okay, let's not talk about that. Whatever is gone, is gone.

Health :

This was good actually. I had really good time health wise. Knock on the wood. I ate well, did some my kind of workouts too. 30-days water challenge, plank challenge were also good. Yeah, last one month my workouts are totally screwed for a reason but now I can resume again. Will be following the plan in new year too.

Financially :

Well, it was not good year but not bad either. It was okay okay. I did increase my investments in equity and debt assets as well. As I am aggressive investor, I had very little investments in debt and safe instruments. However, I had invested in them most this entire year. I wanted to generate a monthly steady income for my family in any worst scenario. I used investments like MIS, MIP, Jeevan Akshay VI for that. I also plan to write articles about these instruments soon.

Travel :

Though I didn't travel much but I did went to waterfall rappelling which was on my to-do list and it was awesome. Last year river rafting, this year waterfall rappelling... one in entire year? I know, this is very low speed. Now when I am feeling like a free bird, I am definitely heading towards more trips in the coming new year. In fact I am writing this post very early morning of a 31st December. But late last night I had checked for all the treks happening today in nearby area just to get last minute admission.


A very bad year for my DIY creative things. Though I made few very nice pieces, they were not many.

Writing :

It was not good year for my finance articles. I also did not write this year for print media as well. Complete year wasted... :(  I have several plans now in new year.
Travel blogs -- I published few articles on my past and few current trips. I found a new career in writing travel articles. I would definitely love to travel and write after I retire. :)

Professional :

I had recently completed a major certification in my professional life. This was planned and that is checked. More on this in coming post.

Family and Friends :

I saw both the sides this year. My near and dear ones stood by me in my bad time and did support me. I also found that few of my friends avoiding me. Off course, reasons may be whatever, I am in such position now that whenever such thing happens, I feel question mark like is it because of my status. But then I am the same old person. What difference it make to them? And basically, if I get experience from 1 or 2 friends I can't label them all. But then these experience made me feel not to share my personal things.Also I have not yet figured it out whom to share and whom to not means who will be same with me and whom will be not. So, if a person is not close enough and ask something that I am not comfortable about, I just lie now. Sorry God.. But You understand why..and you too know that I will find out how to deal with this situation soon...

Anyway, great year for me. Had to end abruptly.

Friday, December 30, 2016


I mean.... seriously...?  Are these Happiness posts, sometimes, are written for me only?

This is the latest one.... Alright, I get it God... Thanks. 

Life is Boring

Disclaimer : I am in no good mood and feeling very down at the moment because I am going to spend New years Eve alone... Well, I know, it may not be very big deal but the worst part for me which is breaking me inside is even my kid is not with me.. This is like... I don't have any words. So, if you don't want to feel negative, please don't read this post. I do have a great news to share but I will be doing that in some happy moment.

Have you ever felt loser kind of feeling when you see facebook pictures of your friends and their happening lives, or when you see a group of friends laughing loudly at some public place without worrying about anything or when you see some family in car or at shopping mall or at some picnic or a couple on a bike in romantic pose or say like there is no reason to go home.... I know, my heart is focusing on wrong things at this moment and I am also sure that I won't be in this negative mood for long time. I will be back to my jolly mood soon. But when you have none with you to celebrate something or no one to share something while whole world is in the some festive mood, it's very lonely feeling.
My coworker was upset since her friends went to some beach trip for new years without her. I told her that we could party together, her response was that will be super boring. I am experiencing this for long time now. Younger people even if they are my-type ones, they feel awkward with me for such fun activities. And my friends are always busy or with their families.. Yaar... I don't even have movies with me at this moment... I don't want to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S or PLL... I don't want to watch idiot box either.

Now, I have actually planned few good things for quite some time now.  After the success (Hint: the great news story that I will be posting about in good mood), I had planned for many thing including few treks, adventurous activities, attending some live-in-concerts or plays, few spas, shopping for myself, some girly shopping, some me-time and what not. (Actually, everything I had felt in heart to do in last 2 months, had postponed it for after "success"). I have also my creative to-do list ready and want to make many things that wanted my time. But since I am upset, I am no creative at this time. I am not sleeping too. I actually want to spend my weekend with some of my planned tasks as above but I guess, it would be only grocery shopping, vegetables shopping, cleaning, organizing, cooking, washing and scrolling through other people's lives in feeds.

I know myself.... I know I wont be in negative mood for long. Just wanted to write it down to clear the clouds. Once clouds are clear, it will be sunshine again.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Locha-e-Ulfat ho gaya...

One of my co-worker met me in washroom and said... Hey I was searching for you last few days... Do you know, there has been a new radio station in the city and guess what, it all plays your favorite songs. Do check it out and she gave me the band information. Oh Seriously... My favorite songs are anywhere from classical Laga chunari pe daag to Hemantda or anything... I love Himesh and Altaf Raja as well... Gajendra Varma and Sona too... so I was amused. The person has recently joined my office and hardly knew me. She was not even from my department, still she felt that those songs would be my favorite. Okay... so had to check out...  It was Love Special radio station.. Oh God.. Okay, I got it... When I get some song attack and I don't remember it's film or some other details, I may have just asked her... yes, that I do all the time...yes, I remembered... I had asked her about that Aise na muze Tum dekho, sine se laga lunga... the new version of the song... Alright, so this is sure shot station to listen in romantic mood and great thing is it's on for 24 hours. While I am keying in this post, the song that is being played on the station is Locha-e-ulfat ho gaya...

By the way, these radio stations can make it or break it... anything... A couple of days ago, weather forecast was given as it will rain. The weather seemed to be so since morning. But then when it didn't rain till afternoon, all the radio stations were playing only rain songs... and we were really feeling all that rain mood. Most of colleagues who were listening to radio happened to humming the same rain songs... and then in the night... it rained... in different part of city.. Our songs did work and it rained.. :)

Laughter and Tears for my Boy

So, it was my son's first performance on the stage. The pre-school he goes in, had annual day function and every student had participated in some or other performances. He was part of a group dance.

Off course, it was my kid's first performance in his life so I had to attend it. I had not kept any expectation, rather I was doubtful that these little kids were be able to stand up properly on the stage. I had already seen rehearsal in the auditorium where it was scheduled and I saw that all the tots were actually crying like they were crying on their school's first day because of the new place. Anyway, so my family had already in the audience and I came from workplace directly to join them. My younger brother had started passing comments on everything. Suddenly our childhood bro-sis bond was re-activated and the naughty role in me took over. We were judging everything in funny way. It was like live commentary. Right from the lamp lightening, welcoming, honoring the teachers everything was done by those little toddlers. We were laughing like how can someone expect 2-3 years old kids to perform ball dance or moonwalk... They could barely stand on the stage in front of so much audience... But still they were taught all those things and those kids were doing all their best. (I miss this being funny so much in recent time... Naughty me and naughty friends... doing all the naughty things... Right from school, college, all hostels, all workplaces I had always been part of that naughty people's group who prove their selves. ) Anyway, so we were not allowed to click photos or record any performance on our mobile phones and we started passing comments like how business can be done by this phenomenon and this time all the nearby people laughed since they were agreeing to the facts we were talking. We were supposed to buy these photos and cd at higher cost in the school later on.  Anyway, so point of whole drama is I was enjoying too much and laughing too much... just like me...the happy me...

And then... the announcement for my kids performance was done. When on stage those kids were brought by their teachers and since it was dark on stage we were trying to identify my kid. Finally the arrangements of performance were done and the lights were on... The song started... We are going to the market, we are going to the market...

Oh my God. There was my son...on stage ... dancing with his group...doing his steps with those tiny hands...turning around...legs moves....oh God...oh God.... God... please... oh God... you know... I.... I.... .... and I started laughing loudly changed to crying with tears silently.. oh God... I was actually crying hard......And then.... telepathy between us worked and my kid started crying on stage... Yes, he started crying....  Oh no...I should stop... I am sitting in audience in darkness but my kid is on stage in all limelight...I should have stopped crying but I couldn't..rather seeing him cry I was more upset... God... please...But then the whole performance he was was I.... God... you knew...  After the performance, I ran to backstage and took my son and hugged him tightly... We actually don't need words with the people we are most close, right? He was calmed down in a minute and we rushed back to my place in audience. Later we enjoyed all the performance and he too enjoyed everything. He started dancing in audience itself many times, he was playing there, eating snacks and what not. 

Program was really good. The whole theme was close to my heart ... Girls... It was save girl child, respect women etc etc. The 4 years old girls in LKG I guess, actually did a karate session there.. I was most happy with that performance. Everything was good. The lion dressed kid who was supposed to be the cruel and to threaten other animals dressed kids. But that lion's the lion-head-cap fell off and actually he took help from other kids to whom he was actually threatening in the performance. So there were so many funny moments. However, it was definitely the bright beginning of these kids future.

Do you expect any more words from me now?

Monday, December 12, 2016

When there is a Will but Many Ways... :(

Alright, so once again I am writing this that I am very bad at roads... I just don't remember roads and turns and diversions and squares and whatever comes on... If it is not my area I am definitely going to get lost somewhere in the road and after long time I will realize... Not Again... I am on wrong road... It may happen that I have passed so many times by some road  but there is strong possibility that I will lose my way even on that already seen road... Even Google Map don't work for me. :(

Whenever I am going on some new place, definitely I had to call someone when I am totally lost. One of my ex-colleague now is so used to this behavior that whenever I call her, she starts by asking, "yeah tell me where are you stuck now"... Whenever I am on my new extra assignment, everything goes well.. the only threat that I always have is finding the correct place correctly and that too in time. Just imagine, how would I feel if I prepared for say a coffee date all night and then I don't reach on time.

I really need to search sometime about this and find ways (again ways) to fix this thing up. With my kid growing up, now I can't afford to keep this habit as it is. Is it some kind of behavior that only genius people have? I have heard that Einstein was not able to tie his shoe lace. So, is there something where people get confused between roads?


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