Saturday, February 25, 2017

Pineapple - Cucumber Salad

I got pineapple for my kid. But he didn't eat it. Hence, I wanted to use it. This lazy morning, I had already thought of making some kind of salad using fruits. So, I just did and here it is. I have added Pineapple, watermelon, grapes, cucumber, bell pepper, coriander, black pepper etc.

It was really delicious. But I need something to munch on continuously and I don't have patience to wait for things to cook/prepare completely. It was really very nice salad along with my lunch but at the time my fingers are typing this, my stomach is really feeling hungry again and now I am not ready to get up and make something to eat. I will just order something.
PS: With this salad, one more goal is achieved from this months plan.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Keep Your Cool

I have subscribed to Merriam-Webster dictionary for learner's word of the day. I receive one English word/phrase daily afternoon with its meaning, the demonstrated use in some sentence. I have been receiving these emails for more than 9 years now and it helps certainly even though I don't remember consciously those words/phrases.
Anyway, so I was angry on something and I was just ... I don't know. But guess what, here is the word of the day I received.

keep your cool informal also chiefly US maintain your cool

: to remain calm

He kept/maintained his cool [=he didn't get angry or upset] even though it was clear that he was being unfairly treated.

Oh God... Seriously? This is how, God suggests me the correct path. Thank you God. I was wrong. But no, not completely...I also have my side. But okay, if you say so... I will keep my cool too.  

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Aankhon ke Saagar..... Le Doobe Hame....

I was in mood of listening to somewhat classical so I actually searched for Khamaj's Mora Sainyaa. Now, I kept it on when I had to chat with someone where I needed to share my desktop.
Now, scene was I am listening to Fuzon songs and my song has finished and another started but I can't go back and repeat my song since someone else is trying to understand some application on my desktop.
(My colleagues actually laughed... it was such a big problem.. See the severity of problems in my life guys.... I wanted to change song but I couldn't and no one knew any short cut key as well.)  Anyway, but good thing was because of this situation, I actually moved on from Mora Sainya Mose  to this lovely one eventually....Aankho ke Sagar... Othonke saagar... Le doobe Hame

Oh My God... It's one of those songs..  which actually makes me feel to be singer... once again... I am definitely going to release my own album one day.... If no one else produces, I myself will finance it... and will be hit like the Sahara lady... Oh Baby... I think, you should go to sleep now.... You need to sleep.... You are dreaming already...

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Mexican Rice

Cooking is not my Passion since I don't have much patience to wait for food to prepare completely for eating. But yes, when I do cook with all my heart, say for my loved one or I am in very good mood, I do cook good. And yes, good means GOOD... :)  Last few months, I was just not cooking good food but I think now my flavor is coming back again. 
So here it is, Sunday special... Mexican Rice... I did refer Sanjeev Kapoor's recipe.... with my own twist.. 

Improvements for next time - This could have been more red in color i.e. I could have used a red bell pepper and a tomato extra while preparing the Mexican red paste. This time I was not sure about the taste it will add to rice. Also, next time I could prepare vegetable stock in bulk so that I can use it for another dish as well. I used brown rice this time but I think I should try it with regular rice.
With this, I have just achieved one of my monthly goals since this is something that I made first time. One off the list.
 Just a thought, say a part of me is upset with myself and then another part of me cooked this with all love for myself, then I think I will melt by eating this delicious dish.

Saturday, February 18, 2017


Friday, February 17, 2017

Baawara Mann Raah Taake Tarse Re...

Alright, so I am very busy at the moment... working on a presentation... need to check few details and has a scheduled meeting in some time... But I can always steal some moments for music... you see.... I can always find excuses for the things that I wish to do... say in this case...I can listen to music when I am drinking coffee..or snacking on something or am in washroom or checking on my kid...   :) So this is something that my ears are craving at this moment..

One thing God has taught me after several experiences that... No Matter whatever situation is...Keep Believing... Keep Smiling... Keep Listening...Keep Singing...
Everything happens for betterment. So, I don't actually worry... I know, God has already taken care of everything.

Such a lovely song...

Baawara mann Raah taake tarse re...
Nayna bhi malhaar ban ke barse re...
Fika lage hai muzko sara jahaan...
Yeh kaisi Khushi mom si hai..
Ankhon ke raste haske pighalne lagi...
100 balaayen le gaya to sar se re...
Naina ye malhaar ban ke barse re...
Mai kaagaj ki kashti... Tu barish ka pani...
God what are these lyrics... How these people write such things...

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

Alright, it's about 3 am in the clock and I am not able to sleep. I thought I will post something nice. But I am speechless. I don't have any words...Facebook feeds are showing only the wishes and photos posed for this day by the friends... I realize, Valentine's Day is not just for couples...But that's how my Facebook feed is showing up at this moment.

 Happy Valentine's Day Everyone... Hope you meet and get and stay with your Loved One forever.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

First... failed attempt for Chocolate Mousse

Well, not failed completely... Because it did taste good.. rather very good... Just the presentation of it was not good... Well, I can give reasons like I didn't find the things I wanted to decorate with or I didn't have good mood at the time it was prepared n I was decorating it.  But anyway, everybody liked it... or at least they said so...

And I made this first trial from chocolates in my bag. I have many chocolates, and I am that strict mother who won't allow her boy to eat chocolate and hence, I too don't eat to be fair with him.. So anyone gives me chocolate goes in my bag. So, I have many more chocolates with me so I am definitely trying this again. It's very simple thing to do. I just need to search the things I WANT to decorate it MY WAY.


I mean Is it me You looking for...?

I met with an accident and died on the spot. Investigation happened for how the accident happened or was it a murder or something. My office colleague actually observed 2 minutes of silence in my memory. Government actually announced some amount to be given to my family members. Well, there were a pair of eyes who could not express the pain but yes, they were sad. I felt bad too... as an observer in the dream.

Anyway, so that was my dream when I wake up this morning. (Seriously, I had mentioned earlier too, my dreams are just perfect movies... They are just full of drama... just like me.... ). I wanted to sleep again to end my dream positively (which I do often ) but I could not due to some prior commitments and had to get up from bed. So when I got chance to sleep in a day, I did and guess what, I didn't see any dream. ( :( So bad...).  But, here is how I wake up. In some good old days, on weekends when I would sleep until late morning, my younger brother would start some old songs to wake me up and I would wake up with some lovely song in mind. While sleeping today, my subconscious mind realized something was going on near me (Trolls was going on....) but when this music started, I had to open my eyes...It was this...

I mean Hello, is it me you looking for...I can see it in your eyes... I can see it in your smile..

Oh my God... Thank You so much... Please make all my mornings like this...  :)
Good Morning All... Have a lovely day...

Saturday, February 11, 2017

11th February - Promise Day...


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