Monday, December 11, 2017

Ring Shines and Ring Shines....

Now I am talking about 2 different diamond rings here.

First started with Apne Chehre ki Pehchan... Proved me that I am Alive and now..... another milestone.... This diamond is shining bright....

Another ring is my son's ring. Actually I wear a ring which depicts my love towards my son. So this ring is shining bright. My son is getting Student of the Year award tomorrow.

One day and I received two different good news.... for my 2 rings....

Dear God... Thank You very much for everything. Just give me strength that whenever he will be on stage, I should act Strong. I don't want myself to cry this time. Last year, I started crying in audience seeing him on stage and then he too started crying because of our telepathic bond.

By the way, for first ring, I got feedback that I should be more aggressive. Seriously? More?? Okay.... Momster..😂

Girl like Her

If you find her... Keep her...

Thursday, December 7, 2017

When will I go To Brasil

Throughout school and college days, each party we would shake our legs on this song... Actually the whole album... And now our next generation is dancing on this... One of the dance performances of my nephew and my son is this....

Brazil.... Lalalalalalalah...

Bhookh - The Hunger

When you are hungry but the card you are carrying has balance of only Rs.11, you end up drinking that tea which you don't like....

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Life is always Surprise

While listening to Ek din Tera ho jaaung@ on radio, I am browsing through ItS never break-up in love. Seriously? Love songs and love story....?


Goals for the Month - December 2017

I am posting goals after long time. But once again I will say the same. I was always having goals.. I just didn't post them here... Since this is last month of the year, I will also need to review my yearly goals and finish them. So, whatever goals I am listing below, I will be having many more than these.

  • Exercise :
I will start with Exercise. I have to take care of my parents health and obviously mine too.

  • 255555 Steps Challenge-- Last month I have joined this challenge. Here participants are supposed to walk 255555 steps in the specified period. Now only 7 days are remaining for the due date and I am just finished with 2 lakhs steps. So I still have to walk say 60K steps in next 7 days. And I definitely have to succeed in this challenge. I have paid $25 for joining and obviously I don't want to waste it. Data analysis had shown similar results as in past. I walk more on weekdays than I walk on weekends. Have to improve on it. But frankly speaking can't help it. On weekends have to do all grocery, vegetable shopping, take family to places and so on and have to use vehicle for all these and hence can't walk. 

  • Drinking 5 liters of Water daily – I have got another app for tracking this and this one is better than the former app. 

  • Drinking Milk Daily -- This is not happening. I am just tracking my green tea but no milk. Being a woman, I am more prone for bone density kind of things... So I have to drink milk. - 22 days at least.

  • Dancing/Playing 30 minutes --  My son's annual day is here and he is practicing dance on couple of songs. So to make him practice, I ask him to teach me his dance and then he practice while teaching me. Quality time. 
  • Reading and Writing :
Last couple of months I have got so many things in my list that I want to read. I want to spend time in reading and writing instead of wasting it here and there.
  • Business Communication Course - I have signed up for a business communication course and it will take whole month to complete it. It has assignments, homework and everything. Since I am part of global team and I need to communicate to people in several countries daily, I need such courses to improve communication. -- Finish with flying colors.

  • Read and Review – Reading 2 books and submit its review.

  • Post all the older reviews in a book-review blog. –  Pending since long. I think before this year passes, let me just do this. For time being, I will simply use any free platform… wordpress may be…

  • PDUs— Here is the update. As I had mentioned earlier, I had done with earning all the pdus in few months only and I have also renewed it. So I don't have to worry about PDUs now until 2022. Seriously... but I am still doing things that are just earning PDUs for me... My friends actually call me to get my advise on how to earn PDUs. :)

  • Finance Planning :
This I want to make my top priority since couple of months but failing to do so.
  • Savings -- I always put education fund for the year aside. But this year I have paid for 4 certifications in just last 2 months and my education fund was completely finished and I had to dip into my savings account. So I need to increase my education fund next year onward and have to look for options to increase savings like by spending less on ... ummm.... have to think.I will start small and to measure this, I am adding a number to my goal  or may be save for a certification cost which was the cheapest. 

  • Review finances and plan according to the situation and start and stop SIPs, buy/sell accordingly. -- Ongoing

  • Tax planning -- This is December. I have to be ready with documentation. I will have to take extra care this time. 
  • Shopping :
  • As mentioned many times, I have created a list for myself but not yet bought. I hope I can buy few things atleast this month. I deserve shopping yaar... Let me go.
  • Life Skills :

  • Car Driving –  I am having long vacation this month and I had not booked any ticket for anywhere yet. So I guess perfect time for road trip. So this is my top priority. 

  • Cooking :  I will try some nice soup this month. and yes, lollypops... fruits lollypops and some other kids friendly products. My son is just asking for everything he sees and I need to make healthy version for him. 

  • Try different styles of Eye makeup  – I want to be perfect in eyes makeup... say getting that smoky eyes look for day or having that green eyes look for evening party. -- 15 days new styles

  • Hobby : Creating something cool for friends. I am planning for a get together and I will gift everyone something handmade. 
  • Religion/Spiritual :
  • Chanting 108 mantras for 15 days -- This was hampered some time back. Have to do this regularly. 

  • One special type of fast – We have different types of fasts where we either don’t eat/drink anything or there is some limitation on eating. My body don’t allow me complete no eating drinking fast. So, I am planning for a fast where I will be eating without oil, salt, sweet etc.

    • Leisure :

    • Weekends -- One adventure trip -- Actually already booked. 
    • Salon and Spa - More than ever -- This time I deserve. 

    • Lunch/ Dinner Date with myself -Actually this is not needed to plan. It's happening automatically. 
    • Bike Servicing  -  Do as soon as possible.

    I think I am missing some things but what don't know. May be posting goals after few months so may have missed. Anyway, but as mentioned earlier, I will also taking care of my annual goals. So I may have few other goal posts this month. All the best to me... Let's rock baby... 

    Saturday, December 2, 2017

    Love Yourself

    I am madly in love... with myself....

    Friday, December 1, 2017

    Udne do - Let me fly....

    So here is a good news... Today I received an email that I was selected for an activity in my office. I just don't know how it happened. My manager recommended my name.. That's great exposure... More people and more audience.... and I was like... "what? how come? Oh my God...!! This is something that interests me. How did my manager know? So is it like my manager has identified my skills and he wants to make most use of them for company benefit? God... But how come? I think...he don't even know me... I guess, he just knows me as a no-nonsense fighter who is fighting all the time... asking questions and reasons where people are afraid of asking.. providing n number of suggestions... getting things done.... and big khadooos... "

    Anyway, so the news is from 650 people in my department, only two were chosen for this responsibility and I am one of those two... I am feeling soooo good...Feeling like... myself... it's sooo me...the real me.....I mean... I am literally flying... When your skills or your talents are recognized, it always feels great...You do more... That's really the confidence booster... And when you have that confidence in your eyes... it shows.... in your your tone... in your statements.... in your attire... in your walk... in your gaze.... Hey People, beaware...  A Star is rising... :)

    So I guess, next two weeks are going to be very important... have to prove myself in this extra responsibility as well... The confidence my manager has shown in me... have to prove it right...

    Thank You God... for the opportunity.... and everything... 

    Raat Baaki.... Baat Baaki

    Aagaz Yeh hai to Anjaam hoga Haseen...

    Hey, this video don't have that dialogue or what... Mai Tumhe marne nahi dungi...
    Long time.... Not seen...

    Thursday, November 30, 2017

    Random thoughts

    I am a part of a group which is more religious or the spiritual kind of group and group members keep sharing religious or spiritual things. It's not like always I do agree with all the things shared over there. I am a science student.... yes... I am spiritual and religious as well and I do believe strongly in my religious beliefs. But it had taken me many years to believe in the what I believe my beliefs. It took around 15 + years to reach this state where now I do trust those beliefs blindfoldly.

    Alright, so one of this group member has several hacks related to spirituality which can be used in our day to day life to improve quality of life. Say like e.g. how you save a contact in your contacts list impacts your relationship with that person. Initially it may sound rubbish but I have tried and I believe it's true. Actually when I was not knowing this hack, I was still experiencing this. I was just not knowing the reason or science behind it. Haven't we all observed that the contact details which you delete is nowhere in your life then. I know someone will argue that we delete only those contact details which are nowhere in life. Okay, think about it. How many people are nowhere in life but still in address book?

    Second I want to talk about is showing your love....PDA kind of things. So it said if you do such things, your bond becomes stronger. Ofcourse, introvert won't agree on this. But it is something related to, ' What goes around, comes round' kind of thing. And obviously, if there is no love in first place and you just do such things, nothing is going to workout. When you know you are loosing on your relationship, you try everything to save it.  If you both are taking proper steps along with this 'showing love to universe' hack, it might bond you strong.

    Just random thoughts going in brain world.... if you want to use these tricks...use and believe.... They might change your life... All the best.


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